9/12/2008 - Summer Classics Catalog wins Gold Ink Award

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Summer Classics wins the prestigious Gold Ink award for both Summer Classics 2008 Catalog and Summer Classics Contract 2008 catalogs. 

The Gold Ink Awards competition has earned the reputation for attracting the highest quality of work from printing professionals throughout North America. The winners are highlighted in the October issues of Publishing Executive and Printing Impressions Magazines.

The following are a few guidelines the judges follow as they review each piece:

  1. Consider the difficulty of the job. Are there multiple colors used? Was there a difficult registration pattern? Are there complex foil stamps or typically difficult effects used?
  2. Was the paper choice appropriate and/or effective for the piece? Or did they do an exceptional job with paper that is difficult to use?
  3. Was the binding and finishing techniques clever, effective and/or unique?
  4. Was the piece particularly challenging to manufacture? And, if so, was its production well done?
  5. Was any specialized printing used to produce the piece (i.e., Did they do a good job with stochastic screening or waterless printing)?
  6. Is your overall impression of the piece favorable? Is it particularly appealing in terms of appearance, quality and aesthetic impact?

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