Our People

Who are we? We’re a family. We are a network of hundreds of dedicated employees, dealers and suppliers who provide the best outdoor furniture on the planet. We care about each other, we care about what we do and, especially, we care about you, our customer.

What are we like? Unorthodox at times? Of course. Helter-skelter, even? Yes. Professional? Uncompromisingly. Creative? Extremely. And passionate? Without a doubt.

Whatever it takes.

The unofficial motto of Summer Classics is “Whatever it takes,” the case in point belonging to a day years ago when a shipment of rocking chairs was delayed in shipment to the Montevallo, AL Distribution Center.

It was well past six ‘o clock in the evening, most of the employees had gone home, and the two fortunate souls left to take care of the job? Bew White, President of Summer Classics and Harold Hudson, Vice-president of Sales and Marketing, who were finishing up an evening meeting.

Drawing on past experience, Harold manned the forklift and unloaded the truck while Bew stacked boxes, one after another, as the hours passed, until the container was empty and the shipment was ready for distribution early the next morning. Wingtips and button-ups sacrificed, the job had to be accomplished.

When an American counterpart was needed at our China manufacturing facility and the company was struggling to find a suitable hire for the job, a young engineer from rural Alabama volunteered to fill the position. Equipped with a goal and unending support from back home, he is now fluent in Mandarin and is overseeing all of the Chinese manufacturing operations. Efficiency quality have seen outstanding improvement since his arrival. The next goal, however, is to find a suitable replacement for sweet tea and real pit bar-b-que.

No one is immune from this contagion, including the textile engineers and product designers from our outdoor fabric supplier, Sunbrella®, as they have consistently gone above and beyond their call of duty to create some of the most exquisite patterns that we have ever seen. We are proud to call them our partners.

People make the difference.

The same mentality of determination and tenaciousness permeates the entire company, beginning with the company leaders. Our people are the hardest working in the industry, and it shows. In a difficult economy, the people make the difference, which is why we are still here, crafting superlative garden furniture. Our family is great, and because of it, our products are too.