Summer Classics Donates to Friends of Hale County

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March, April, May 2012

Friends of Hale County



We are currently working on finding teachers’ desks for Fayette County schools and student desks for Berry High School of Fayette County and Sulligent Elementary of Lamar County. Both projects require heavy transportation costs and although the teachers desks are a good deal, it does cost alot for the quantity I need. Please help if you can.

Special Project I

I had a client that died who was from the Hackleburg area. Since I was named the executor of his estate I met with his kin. After meeting them I realized how much they loved their town and wanted to help the kids there in some way. We came up with the idea of funding five (5) scholarships of $1,500 each for graduates from the Hackleburg School to go to nearby Bevil State. This will enable some poorer families to send their youth to a two year college, which in this area is a major help. Thank you Hill family!!  May 2012

Special Project II

Summer Classics donated furniture that we sent to the Moundville area. The furniture was sold at a huge discount to teachers and staff of the schools there. One of the staff had had her house destroyed in the tornado and fortunately had insurance. She used that money to buy a love seat and two comfortable chairs for her new house.The money collected went to the advanced writing class taught by Donna Randall. Each year they raise money to publish their poetry and short writings magazine. The money was also used to buy lathes and other machinery for the AG teacher. And last the money was used to reward kids who have made scholastic and community achievements. The United Methodist Church sponsors this continuing effort.  Thank you   Jamie and Summer Classics   May 2012


We received a call from an agency that helps all ages of “intellectually disabled” people. They needed some furniture and we shipped them 10 chairs for their waiting room, several chairs, four filing cabinets and two desks.    March 2012

I went to Georgia and bought some furniture from a bank that failed. Fayette County High School got a very nice desk, a shredder, a sofa, and some very, very nice chairs. With my money I bought a 3 foot tall sailboat for my grandson. He loves it!!   March 2012

The Peaceful Rest Baptist Church was given 20 childrens’ Bibles. They were HoneyWord Bibles that were “put together” to help kids learn Bible verses. 

March 2012

We continue to pay for the paper products for Sunshine School in Hale County. March 2012

Helped a very poor lady in Hale County, Mrs. Johnson, by buying her food. 

March 2012

We continue to buy 800+ books from Lisa Mau and Lenell Dufour for Elementary schools each month.  March-May  2012

There is a man that we loaned (something we haven’t done, but this once) $1,000 so he could pay a lawyer to help him receive his rightful social security. He paid his debt back!!, so we decided to honor his integrity by paying his very needed dental bill with John Poczatek. Thank you John for the discount. April 2012

We bought and had shipped to a Mrs. Nichols at Fayette Elementary a learning station, some head phones, and a CD player.  April 2012 

Laurie Cummings writes (we send money to four counties to women who I trust to help with situations that deserve help) that she has bought food for some folks, paid for some utility bills, and paid for some schooling for a lady named Valerie.  April 2012 

BAMM helped us with buying 60 Ryrie Study Bibles. The Bibles were to go to the graduating seniors of Hackleburg High. Because of a mixup they went to the youth department at the Community church. This was a church that was greatly damaged by the April 27, 2011 tornado. Maybe that’s where God intended on them going. Thank you Summer and Clyde Anderson   April 2012 

Summer Classics donated furniture for Panola Community Center. The folks there gave prizes of end tables to 19 elderly residents.  May 2012

The day Mrs. Reid (a perfect name for a librarian) came to Birmingham and got the books we also gave to her about 8-10 boxes of school supplies that were donated by the Vestavia School System.  May 2012

We also gave about 12 boxes of school supplies that were donated by the Vestavia School System to a middle school in Sumter County.  May 2012 Thank you Susan Thomas

We gave two mops, some mats, and 8-12 boxes of paper products and other cleaning supplies to Berry Elementary. Thank you Steve Mote.  May 2012

We bought 50 lateral files from ADECA, an Alabama agency–two for Hale County, six for Pickens County and 44 for Marion County. These files were bought for $10 each even though their value was more like $900 each. The files going to Marion County went to Hamilton Middle School and……they were their school color–maroon!! What a coincidence!! They also received bookcases. Those donations may have saved Hamilton High nearly $50,000!!

 May 2012