10 Things to Know When Buying Patio Furniture

The managers from our 7 Summer Classics Retail Stores offered these great tips on what to know before you purchase patio furniture.

1. Know your manufacturer. Not all patio furniture is created equal even though they may look similar. Summer Classics has created and manufactured high-quality outdoor furniture for over 30 years, and we use only the best materials to create our beautiful patio furniture.

2. Check on the availability of ordering replacement cushions in the future to change your fabrics.



3. Check cushion options. Several of our collections are available with our exclusive Dream Cushion for additional comfort.

4. Check the availability of ordering additional pieces in the  future.



5. The environment impacts outdoor furniture, and you should know what type of furniture to use in different areas. For instance, if there is a salt water pool or body of water near the furniture you should choose a collection designated for Ocean Environments. Learn more about the environment and which furniture to select on our blog.


6. Use collections with thinner or no cushions in heavily canopied areas.

7. Use lighter colored fabrics sin areas with a lot of sunlight because they will stay cooler to the touch.


8. Select heavier pieces in areas with high winds.

9. If there are small children in the family, use collections with rounded edges.

10. Check the store’s warranty policy.

      All of our stores make house calls to help you select the perfect furniture for your outdoor room. To see some of the design work the stores have done, check out our showhouse blog post.

      Call or visit a store in your area to get started on decorating the outdoor space of your dreams, or visit one of our dealers in the US or Canada.

      Summer Classics would like to thank the Decorated Life for featuring our beautiful outdoor furniture in a blog post, and for asking us to offer these great tips. Check out the previous Summer Classics Decorated Life post below or on their website.


Simple Design Outdoor Seating Made to Last

Posted on April 25, 2012 by in Furniture

Outdoor Living – Amazing Outdoor Furniture for Every Season

Outdoor living is growing; it gives you another room to furnish, decorate and enjoy. I love the idea of sitting outside near an outside fireplace – whether with friends or alone with a book or glass of wine. But will your outdoor furniture survive Mother Nature and designs that won’t last?

Let’s face it, garden furniture sets need to be rust proof, weather proof as well as having a simple design and classic look. Outdoor living doesn’t mean sitting on faded garden benches or rusted wrought iron chairs – for a country home, lakeside or seaside home robust outdoor fabrics, materials and the way they wear are very important. And no matter what anyone says – simple design still matters.

Outdoor furniture with a simple design needs the cheeky smarts of uv resistant fabrics, raw materials that combine aluminum, wood and resin and take it to a new level, painted in weather proof paints, and available in gorgeous colors and designs.

Summer Classics® has been creating simple design, innovative outdoor furniture for over 30 years. You can see their commitment to outdoor living with the level of detail and innovation in their materials and designs. The development of their raw materials for outdoor living garden furniture is one of the company’s greatest achievements and assets.

Oxford by Summer Classics

The 2012 Summer Classics Collections are out and as gorgeous as ever. I spoke with Summer Classics, here are details on their new 2012 Summer Classic Collections.


The Marina collection features a Sunbrella® custom outdoor rope using their exclusive yarns. The natural appearance of rope, with new mahogany finished frames are timeless and classic design features.

Dolphin Sleek Hybrid Resins

Summer Classic has re-engineered their N-Dura™ UV-resistant synthetic resins and designed new collections using mixed materials like aluminum, teak, stainless steel, and acrylic-PVC fabrics. These amazing hybrid products have sprouted designs such as out Dolphin collection.

Outdoor Fabric Magic

Summer Classics mixes durable hybrid synthetic resins with gorgeous fabric design for garden furniture. The result is outstanding craftsmanship and sleek designs.  Not many companies can boast durable outdoor silk and raw linen looks. These amazing fabrics can weather the harshest environments and clean easily with household detergents to remove stains and mildew.

Summer Classics

I love using the outdoor spaces as an extension of my home  and I love using products that are beautiful, functional, long lasting, comfortable, high quality, and unique. Summer Classics does all that and more.  For information on Summer Classics online at www.summerclassics.com on Facebook: www.facebook.com/SummerClassics and on Twitter: www.twitter.com/SummerClassics.

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