2019 Landscape Design Trends

When it comes to gardening and landscaping, it’s never too early to start planning. Whether you live in balmy climates or experience frost up until May, here are some of the top trends for sprucing up your outdoors in 2019.

Landscape Design Trends

Landscape Design Trends for 2019:

It’s All About the Outdoor Room.

Creating an outdoor room will continue to be a popular landscape design trend in the new year as your patio can often double as an additional den or dining area (and even better if you live in climates where the weather is warm from the first sprouts of spring through the final days of fall).

The style and comfort of your outdoor living area can be enormously enhanced with “functional and comfortable furniture,” notes Gavin Duke, Principal Landscape Architect at Nashville’s Page |Duke Landscape Architects who also advises that there will be a trend towards “furniture that is functional and low maintenance.” He also recommends using mesh seating versus cushions for low maintenance. Other considerations include simple and low maintenance lighting, a weatherproof music speaker system and for cozy nights, a fireplace or fire pit. If music is a consideration, take a look at Summer Classics unique Rustic Speaker Swivel Lounge that features a built-in weatherproof wireless speaker. And with any room, don’t forget storage. Summer Classics Cushion Storage Box is perfect for storing extra cushions, pillows and throws for those cool evenings.

The Garden as Sanctuary.

Landscape Design Trends

While this is not a new concept, another landscape design trend is that homeowners are looking to the garden as a sacred space to unwind, reflect, meditate and a spot to write in their journal, practice yoga or simply get away from it all. Look to benches that provide seating for two, surround it with colorful plants or frame the space with a pergola or arbor and climbing vines such as Carolina or Confederate Jasmine. Above all, make sure there is an interesting focal point and the rest will take care of itself.

First Impressions Do Count.

First impressions and the front entrance go hand in hand so make sure yours is inviting, makes a statement and has that ever-important curb appeal quality. Look to inventive ways to add attractive lighting, flowers and plants that complement both the color of your house and the exterior landscape, as well as the style (and pay special attention to the door).

Yes, It’s Off the Wall…Adult Treehouses!

landscape design trends

Giving new meaning to getting away from it all, design experts predict there will be a landscape design trend towards that childhood favorite, treehouses. Look to rustic styles that can blend in with the landscape or paint them in bold colors to brighten up the environment. You can treat the space as you would any other outdoor living area (think maintenance, comfort and weather) and by all means, hire a builder or contractor before you take on this project. There are actually firms that specialize in these unique structures! And while you are at it, add a sign that says, “No children allowed.” Check out this treehouse design for a little inspiration!

Up on the Roof

Duke also predicts there will be a landscape design trend toward “urban gardening and the greening of roofscapes.” As the population grows and city living increases, the desire for greenery will be of the utmost importance. Urban gardening can include everything from a window box and hanging baskets on the balcony to a small confined space on the roof. Besides flowers and plants, look at planting strawberries, vegetable (peppers and beans) tomatoes and salad greens in either container or raised concrete and soil beds.

Outdoor Kitchens That Rival the Indoors

landscape design trends

Outdoor kitchens will compete with the indoor kitchen as eating al fresco will remain a favorite trend. Pizza ovens, bar seating and kitchen islands continue to be popular additions and will replace dining reservations at that hard to get an outdoor table. Look for attractive and comfortable bar seating such as Summer Classics Coast Barstool, Club Aluminum Barstool or Claro Acrlyic Barstool.

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