3 Can’t-Miss Steps to Transforming an Outdoor Living Space

outdoor living space

Creating an exquisite outdoor living space that everyone will envy is easier than you think – it just involves following a few can’t-miss steps.

From adding ambiance with one extravagant and essential feature to getting the most from your living space with one simple trick, there are steps you can take to make your outdoor living space not only attractive, but unique – a space that your friends and families will adore not just for its looks, but also for its versatility and comfort.

Here are three straightforward steps you can take to transform your outdoor living space into something grand, elegant, and ultimately functional for any purpose.

Add flexibility and ambiance with an outdoor fireplace

A fireplace is the focal point of the living space in many homes. It serves as an anchor to organize your perspective of a room, and art and furniture build on the canvas that a beautiful fireplace creates. It can serve the same purpose in your outdoor space. A recent survey showed that 48% of homeowners who undertake a landscape project add a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace. A beautiful outdoor fireplace will help you lay out your space and arrange your outdoor furniture.

Fires have a more fundamental benefit, though. Humans have gathered around fires for thousands of years for warmth and fellowship. An outdoor fireplace can add months each year to your outdoor living season. If your outdoor space is worth the investment, we recommend incorporating a fireplace or a fire pit so that you can enjoy it throughout the year.

luxury outdoor patio furniture

Vary your outdoor seating options for flexibility

There is no doubt that luxury outdoor furniture is an essential part of any outdoor living area. Outdoor seating should be comfortable, and the design should set the tone for your outdoor room.

Incorporate flexibility into your outdoor room by using a variety of seating options. Flexible seating that incorporates benches and chairs as well as barstools, outdoor chaise lounges, and motion seating will help you adapt your space whether you are hosting two people or twenty.

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outdoor wicker patio furniture

Creating private spaces

Living in your outdoor space can involve both friendly interactions with your neighbors and privacy.  As you think about how you will use your space, consider whether you will want to enjoy it without being disturbed, or if you want it to be the kind of place where friends just appear on a Friday night. Natural cover like shrubs or Japanese Maples can provide private spaces without creating a barrier like a high fence.

outdoor furniture

A well-planned outdoor room may easily become the favorite room in your entire home! It can act as your peaceful retreat outdoors as well as a place to gather with family and friends.

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