Casual Living Highlights SC Home Design Services

Thank you to Casual Living Magazine for featuring one of our fabulous outdoor projects designed by Rebecca Frazer of our Nashville SC Home Store using our Design Services.

For Designer Rebecca Frazer, most of her outdoor projects start with one thing—the furniture. As a member of the design team at the SC Home store—Summer Classics’ retail division—in Nashville, Tennessee, Frazer often begins her work when a homeowner walks through the door in search of outdoor furnishings.

Ultimately, as was the case with homeowners Bill and Mary Jackson, that search becomes much more than a mere shopping trip.

When the Jacksons first visited SC Home’s historic 12th Street store, they wanted to add casual furniture to their newly constructed out-door patio. By getting to know their exterior vision and outdoor living expectations, Frazer not only helped them pick out furniture, but also created a complete design plan for the room. Coordinating their indoor and outdoor styles, she built a comfortable and carefree area with space for both seating and dining.

For the Nashville couple, elegance and a refined aesthetic were incredibly important, with comfort and functionality topping their list of outdoor must-haves.

“The Jacksons are often entertaining guests and have small grandchildren,” Frazer says. “With this in mind, they desired a beautiful space to enjoy with friends and family, while intending it to be comfortable—not too stuffy or uninviting.”

Of course, Frazer didn’t have to look far for the furniture. “Summer Classics was a natural choice, as it provided the durability, functionality and comfort the Jacksons were seeking,” she says. “They saw their outdoor space as an extension of their home.”

The SC Home designer combined a diverse selection of furnishing styles and constructions. To create a curated look, she mixed aluminum with woven, traditional with contemporary. “By using versatile elements, such as the Sedona swivel chairs, guests could easily enjoy the fireplace or turn to chat with a group dining at the table,” Frazer says. “Again, function and comfort were top priorities.”

The eclectic mix also extends to existing elements in the outdoor living area. Frazer drew upon colors and textures in the newly constructed stone floor, as well as the home’s exterior paint color and the natural hues in the centrally located stone fireplace, to inform her furniture and fabric choices.

“We started with the slate gray finish on all of the furniture frames,” Frazer says. “Once this was decided, we branched out to different materials, including cast aluminum for the dining set and wicker for seating.”

The fabrics feature red as a subsidiary color, creating a pop against the muted gray, while multiple patterns and contrasting welts provide visual interest.

Mary Jackson, whom Frazer described as having a great eye for design, collaborated on the project, adding her own touches with small accessories and rugs.

The finished product meets the homeowners’ expectations of a stylish, yet inviting retreat. As Frazer sums it up: “It’s a place they can gather for years to come.”