How to Create A Christmas Mailbox Decoration

Greet friends and family with a mailbox decoration that reflects your festive holiday style. If you’ve ever struggled with florist’s foam, cage wire and bows to try to get your mailbox decoration just right, then you’ll appreciate our step-by-step directions to a great-looking Christmas mailbox decoration.

5 Steps for Creating a DIY Christmas Mailbox Decoration:

  1. Gather your supplies. Start by heading to your local garden shop to buy festive holiday greenery and berries. You will also need a large wire bow, zip ties, and floral scissors.
  2. Create the base. Once you have everything that you need, begin by laying out the heaviest greenery on a large, flat surface. This will create a sturdy foundation to work with.
  3. Fill in the holes. After the base layer is full and fluff, add in layers of lighter greenery like pine leaves and magnolia until it is full and the form you like. As you fill in the holes, begin wrapping zip ties around the center for extra security. Also, try holding your base up from time to time to see how it will look on your mailbox. And remember, be sure to leave room for the mailbox flag!
  4. Put a bow on it! Add a pop of color to the Christmas mailbox decoration with a festive bow and red berries. Try adding some length to the bow ends, this will allow pieces to drape down each side of your mailbox, creating a custom look! Once you have the bow in place, add a zip tie to secure the bow against the greenery.
  5. Attach to mailbox. Lay your Christmas mailbox decoration over the top of the mailbox and form the zip ties securely around the fixture and mailbox. For added security run a double length of wire underneath the mailbox.

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