How to Make A Christmas Wreath


It’s simple to make a stunning Christmas wreath with just a few seasonal embellishments. Our Creative Director Chris Hutchens says all that you need are a wreath (real or artificial), some ribbon, some florist’s wire, and picks and ornaments (optional). He shows you how to put it all together in a few easy steps.



Fluff the wreath. We used an artificial wreath, but either will work. The advantage of an artificial wreath is that you can use the wire on the wreath to secure the garnishes. Either way, start by fluffing the branches on the wreath.

Make a bow. Use a 10-yard ribbon to make your bow. Start with a button on the end. Twist on your index and thumb to hold the larger loop and repeat several times. Wire the ribbon where your fingers are holding the loops to hold your bow in place.



Shape the bow. Give the bow it’s shape by pulling the loops in every direction.


Cut the tails. Cut the long loops of your ribbon at different angles.


Attach the bow. Secure the bow to the top of the wreath with a piece of florist’s wire. Attach the tails of the ribbon into the wreath.


Add embellishments. Spruce the wreath even more by weaving picks and ornaments into the wreath.