Five Tips to A Fabulous & Festive Christmas Tree


Make your Christmas tree the centerpiece of your holiday decorations this season.  Summer Classics Creative Director Chris Hutchens will inspire you to decorate a gorgeous tree with a few of his best tips and ideas.


1. Start with the largest ornaments. Chris nestles the biggest ornaments into the gaps in the tree first. This works particularly well for live trees, which have larger gaps between the branches. It will show off the ornaments and add a lot of depth to the tree. IMG_20161118_114659

2. Add elegance with ribbon.  Chris likes to add several bows about 20 inches down from the top of the tree to give the look of one large bow. He then nestles the ribbon down the tree and adds additional bows throughout.


3. Place everything in a downward movement. Let picks and other materials flow downward with the shape of the tree.


4. Mix textures. Add contrast by placing ornaments that have different textures to them. Chris used a mixture of antique, glitzy, glass and metallics on the tree.


5. Use metallic balls. Chris notes that sometimes plain metallic balls are not the most exciting of ornaments to purchase, but they add a nice style to the tree. They reflect the light from the tree and it’s like adding more lights to the tree without adding a single strand. Chris suggests adding a variety of metallic tones.