How to Clean Pollen Off of Your Outdoor Patio Furniture


As the weather warms, we all start to get a little giddy about the good times in ahead in our outdoor spaces. Its time to fire up the grill, prepare some drinks, and invite a few friends over.

‘You head outside to get things ready, and then you see it. Everything is covered in yellow pollen! Its on your outdoor sofa, your cushions, and your coffee table. You invested in modern outdoor furniture with the highest quality UV resistant outdoor fabrics, but still the yellow dust covers everything.

For 2 to 3 weeks each year, pollen covers the best outdoor furniture just like it covers the cheap stuff. We can help you avoid this problem.

Cover Your Outdoor Furniture

This may not be what you want to read if your furniture is already covered in pollen, but it is really good advice. Furniture covers are a very low cost option for protecting your outdoor furniture from anything. You can talk to someone at your local Summer Classics retail store about covers for all of your outdoor furniture.

When Your Luxury Patio Furniture Doesn’t Get Covered…

We understand. Furniture doesn’t always get covered. So what do you do when the yellow plague strikes? Here are some tips.

If you have Summer Classics furniture, you are in luck. You should be able to spray your furniture and cushions with a garden hose to remove the pollen. Your Summer Classics cushions are designed to clean and dry easily and quickly. If your cushions have been subjected to more than just pollen, use a solution of water and a mild natural soap like Ivory to spot clean. You never need to remove your cushions from their cover or wash them in a machine.

What if I don’t have Summer Classics Cushions?

Not everyone has Summer Classics furniture. At least not yet. Here are a few tips that will help you clean any outdoor furniture.

The same cleaning methods that we recommended for SC furniture will give you a good start to cleaning pollen off of any outdoor furniture.

Use a soft bristle brush to scrub any areas that are hard to clean. Use caution around any tears or worn places in the fabric.

Repeat the cleaning if necessary. Once you are done, rinse thoroughly.

After cleaning, be sure to position the cushions so that they can dry quickly. Not all fabrics respond well to cleaning if the moisture remains.

If you haven’t experienced the Summer Classics difference, we invite you to take visit any of our retailers. We only use the highest quality materials and fabrics because we believe that you should enjoy your outdoor furniture for years to come.

We believe that outdoor furniture should be easy to clean and a pleasure to use. Visit one of our stores to find out more.