A Fresh Outdoor Look for Huck & Peck

Huck & Peck, located in Chattanooga, TN is a locally-owned home furnishings company that provides furniture, contemporary and traditional rugs, lighting, decor items and more. Recently, they’re excited to add the Summer Classics outdoor furniture line to their collection. We spoke to owner, Michael Turner, to find out more about his design philosophy and industry trends.

Tell us how Huck & Peck got its start in outdoor furniture.

MT:  We started in the indoor furniture business, but it was the first class service we received from Gabby that lead us to want Summer Classics as our premier outdoor supplier!

What excites you most about Summer Classics?

MT: First, the White family and their team at Summer Classics are truly second to none. And we love the depth of the line! Also, the rigorous testing of both frames and fabric to ensure the intended result when placed in the elements helps us sell with the security of quality.

Tell us a little bit about your design team.

MT: Huck and Peck is family owned and operated, and we hire local, motivated staff including design students from our local college, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, who are looking to increase their exposure to real world design. In this way we give back to the community, helping students while giving the client an affordable answer to design.

What are some of your favorite Summer Classics pieces?

MT: We love the new White Label, wicker and teak additions, but the Croquet Aluminum Spring Rocker is just about the most comfortable piece of furniture we sell!

What do you suggest to your customers when designing outdoor rooms?

MT:  We like to ask a host of questions. What is the intended use?  Do you have children. Are you formal or casual? Buy what you love and buy for comfort, knowing that Huck & Peck sells Summer Classics because of the quality.  The old adage “you get what you pay for” is true for patio furniture.

How do you think outdoor entertaining is different in the South?

MT: We have hotter days and longer nights, especially in the Summer. We are America’s Rainforest, so it gets wet as well! Our outdoor furniture must hold up to the climate. Southerners love to invite people to our home and love to entertain in comfortable, beautiful settings. “Make yourself Comfortable” means something when we say it.

What are the hottest design trends that Huck & Peck sees for 2017?  

MT: 50 more shades of Gray, Teak, Blue, Summer Classics and Gabby.


What are some of your favorite outdoor accent pieces?
We love the new Gabby inspired consoles at Summer Classics.

Tell us a little about some of your upcoming events.

MT: We are excited to announce the Summer Classic line in our store for the 2017 Season and we will post events all through the Year, find out about them on Facebook or Instagram or email me to join our email list Michael@HuckandPeck.com