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On April 12, 2012, Summer Classics welcomed Fortin Ironworks, in Columbus, Ohio, as the fourth Summer Classics License store.

Fortin Ironworks has been a Summer Classics Stocking Dealer for the past 12 years, and is in the process of converting their retail showroom to a Summer Classics Licensee Store. The retail showroom will operate under the name of Summer Classics Home at Fortin Ironworks, and display Summer Classics high-quality outdoor furniture.

“Bob and his family have been a great customer of Summer Classics for the last twelve years,” said Bew White, President of Summer Classics. “The time was right for Bob to take their retail showroom to the next level and join our Licensee Program”.

Fortin Ironworks is a family owned and operated ornamental iron, metal fabrication, and outdoor furniture company with one retail store in Columbus. Founded in 1946 by Joseph Fortin the company started as a small iron repair shop and 66 years later they operate out of a 56,000 square foot facility that includes a 5,500 square foot retail showroom with the finest outdoor furniture available. The retail showroom currently offers a variety of their iron products with a large display of Summer Classics outdoor furniture.

“From my very first visit to the Summer Classics Home Store in Pelham, Alabama, I knew that I had to be the first to bring a store of this caliber to Central Ohio,” Bob Fortin of Summer Classics Home at Fortin Ironworks said.

“Summer Classics is by far, the most style conscious maker of indoor / outdoor furniture in the industry.  Their Home Stores are simply beautiful!  All of Central Ohio should be excited about the arrival of Summer Classics Home,” Fortin Said.

Harold Hudson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, commented that he remembers when he first called on Fortin Ironworks in their previous location. The showroom was about 400 square feet with one set of outdoor furniture that was used as a conference table.

“The first day I met Bob I knew he was an entrepreneur, who could think outside of the box and had the vision to see how outdoor furniture could fit into his product offerings. We worked hard the first few years in combining outdoor furniture with ornamental iron products and Bob, his family and his employees made it work,” said Hudson.

Fortin Ironworks will become the fourth Licensee in the Summer Classics Licensee Program. Other Licensee stores are located in Mobile, Alabama; St. Louis, Missouri and Louisville, Kentucky. Summer Classics also operates seven company owned outdoor furniture stores, and has over 300 independent retailers throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

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