How to Create Motion in Your Patio Space with Outdoor Swivel Chairs

If you take pride in your outdoor area or luxurious patio, there’s no doubt you wish for it to be an exciting, fun place for your friends and family. Whether you enjoying lying by the pool with your friends or dining al fresco, the outdoor space you’re utilizing must be one that creates an engaging environment. The perfect way to create movement and encourage conversation in your space is to add outdoor swivel chairs.

We have over 15 different styles of outdoor swivel chairs for you to choose from. If you’re seeking swivel, rocking or gliding chairs, we’ve got you covered!

summer classics outdoor swivel chairs

Pictured: Summer Classics Baldwin Swivel Chair

Outdoor swivel chairs add more to your environment by providing a 360-view of your gorgeous outdoor space. Here are some ways to incorporate swivel or gliding chairs into many outdoor patio seating arrangements:

outdoor wicker swivel chair summer classics

Pictured: Summer Classics Rustic Speak Swivel Chair

Patio Seating Arrangements with Outdoor Swivel Chairs

1.Round Dining Table with Swivel Chairs

When you have a round dining table, swivel chairs work perfectly because they match the rhythm and movement of the curved shape of the table.

2. Rectangular Dining Table with Swivel Chairs

For those of you who have a rectangular table, you know how stationary it can feel. The two guests who sit on each end are forced to pay attention to only one side of the entertaining space. This can cause them to miss out on what could be going on behind them.

Anchor your outdoor swivel dining chairs on each end of the table, so that loved ones are allowed to chat freely, enjoying all conversation and activity outdoors.

3. Bistro Table with Swivel Chairs

If perhaps, you have a more personal space in your outdoor area, you might consider adding a bistro table with two swivel chairs or rocking chairs.

bistro table with swivel rocking chairs summer classics

Pictured: Summer Classics Club Aluminum Rocking Chairs

4. Lounge Seating with Swivel Chairs

When it comes to a more laid-back atmosphere, lounge seating is a great option for your outdoor space. In fact, there are endless possibilities. With outdoor swivel rocking chairs and outdoor swivel glider chairs, you will enjoy every moment spent outdoors. With other outdoor furniture such as side tables, stools, and umbrellas, you can create the ultimate lounge space for your family or just for you. Simply grab a blanket, a nice magazine, and lay back in your outdoor swivel rocker chair.

outdoor lounge furniture with swivel chairs summer classics

Pictured: Summer Classics Astoria Swivel Chair

5. Bar Seating with Swivel Chairs

During those hot summer days, when your friends are together enjoying drinks by the pool, bar seating is a welcome addition to your space. Add outdoor swivel barstools and your friends will love all the motion that they bring.

bar stool swivel chairs

Pictured: Summer Classics Provance 30″ Swivel Bar Stool

Where to Buy Outdoor Swivel Chairs?

As you can see, there are a variety of ways you can spruce up your outdoor space with the addition of swivel chairs. The inspiration for these items comes from the natural human connection with motion and rhythm.

Not only are these a joy to experience, they are also extremely technical products.  Therefore, the geometry has to be perfectly dialed in so that the user doesn’t sit too far forward or backward in the chair.  They have to be light enough to swivel yet heavy enough to withstand the elements.  The actual swivel mechanisms are die cast from virgin aluminum and fastened together with stainless steel hardware and nylon bushings.  This is the hidden value that often goes overlooked but is vital to the performance and seating experience of these products.


At Summer Classics, we add luxury to your seating arrangements to enhance your outdoor environment. The use of swivel chairs produces extra comfort, motion, and rhythm to your space. Visit one of our many Summer Classics Home retail stores today to see our large selection of outdoor swivel chairs.