How to Create a Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

The cooler weather makes this the perfect time of year to enjoy your outdoor room. Take your celebration to a new level with a festive outdoor Thanksgiving table set for the occasion. Designer Roy Dollar shares his secrets for creating a great holiday setting with a simple elegance that’s fitting for any type of gathering.


“It’s all about layering and adding the unexpected,” says Dollar. “We love layering because it adds interest and depth. And the more that you do, the better it looks.”  Dollar chose to use silver for the table cloth and other elements instead of the typical brown that people use this time of year for a fresh look that he knew would work well with the fall colors of the flowers and china.


“I love how the table cloth has a traditional plaid on it,” says Dollar of this outdoor Thanksgiving table. “And I love how the silver chargers pair with the old-fashioned china.” To add to the traditional china, Dollar used a white hem-stitched napkin.


When it came to selecting the flowers for the centerpieces, Dollar decided to go with roses because they’re his favorites. He avoids the typical choice of mums that you see every fall and instead opted to pair sunflowers, lilies and yarrow with the roses. He suggests keeping your arrangement low so that you can see around it and have conversations.


For the larger arrangement in the center, Dollar added juniper to the roses because he loves the way that it smells. He repeats the silver of the items on the table with the silver branches in the center of the large arrangement. The layered effect continues with a mix of candles of varying heights set around the table, including two large ones in glass containers found in the center.IMG_20161109_113738

For a finishing touch, Dollar added some wool throws. Not only will they keep your guests cool, but they add another layer of interest to the table scape.