Protect Your Outdoor Furniture From Extreme Summer Elements

Are you planning the outdoor space of your dreams? Or, have you just finished designing your perfect outdoor space with the most luxurious furniture? Either way, there will be countless incredible memories that will be made in this new outdoor oasis, from sipping coffee outside in the morning with loved ones, to watching children and their best friends swimming in the pool and entertaining at countless family BBQs.

It truly will be amazing…as long as the furniture lasts!

You just bought luxury outdoor furniture and the hot summer sun is threatening to flaw that amazing beauty.

At Summer Classics, we know the idea of maintaining outdoor furniture can be overwhelming, so we have put together our best advice to help you preserve your outdoor furniture from the summer elements, allowing you to continue to build memories around your beautiful new furniture for decades.

Washing Outdoor Furniture

outdoor roomsThe first bit of advice we have for maintaining your outdoor furniture is to keep it clean by washing it on a regular basis, especially during the summer. If you have a mild dish soap and a soft cloth or sponge, you are ready to go!

With a little bit of soap and water you can rinse off your outdoor furniture in no time. No one wants to spend hours deep cleaning outdoor furniture, especially in the summer humidity. To avoid build up from summer elements such as dew, dust, rain and dirt, we recommend frequent, quick wash downs to help ensure all the materials on your furniture stay vibrant and strong. If you have Summer Classic’s cushions, you can even dilute ½ cup of bleach in a gallon of water for tougher cleaning jobs.

Cover and Shade

After you’ve washed off the summer’s inevitable accumulations, it’s time to consider coverage. Just like the sun can affect the color of our skin, it can affect the color of materials. Summer Classics cushions are designed to resist fading even in the harshest sun. That is why many interior designers recommend beautiful Summer Classics furniture for indoor rooms with large windows where the furniture receives a lot of direct sunlight.

Lower quality fabrics that are exposed to sunlight will lighten or fade, while wood tends to darken or discolor. To avoid color changes, it’s best to protect it from the sun’s UV rays. Consider using a furniture cover to protect your luxury outdoor furniture.

Consider Your Material

cleaning outdoor furniture

Some materials, like teak, will inevitably change over time. Teak, particularly, develops a silvery-­grey patina over the course of a year. Many people enjoy the aged look teak develops, but if you do not there are teak sealers you can buy to discourage the wear.

If you are working with wrought iron or metal and develop a scratch, it’s best to perform maintenance on that spot as soon as possible to avoid rust. Simply sand the area of the scratch down a little and cover with a matching, outdoor paint.

Knowing what your furniture is made of helps you understand the type of elements most dangerous to it, and can help you prevent damages from occurring.

At Summer Classics, we design elegant outdoor patio furniture that is built to last for generations. By using Sunbrella outdoor fabrics, we can create cushions that maintain their vibrancy in the harsh summer sun. Furthermore, our teak, wrought iron, wrought aluminum, resin wicker and cast aluminum collections offer durability in the most classic, modern styles. We want you to be able to keep making those outdoor memories for many years to come.

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