4 Tips for Outdoor Entertaining Featuring StyleMaker Kimberly Whitman

Over the past years, Summer Classics StyleMaker Kimberly Whitman has established herself as a style and event planning expert. Often featured on the Today Show, Whitman is quick to divulge her entertaining secrets so that others can enjoy them as well. Her most recent endeavor includes the company Halo Home, an embroidered cocktail napkin business that has become well known for its gorgeous monograms and unique use of emojis. Whitman, a Summer Classics Style Maker, recently sat down with us to share her love for outdoor entertaining and Summer Classics furniture.

“I love to entertain outdoors,” explained our style maker. “I feel like that’s when people are more relaxed… The key is to have the right pieces outside for them to feel comfortable on.” Summer Classics furniture prides itself in its durable materials and sophisticated style; however, the cherry on top to our collections are the plush cushions and comfortable fabrics. Finding outdoor furniture without the rough and tough feel can be difficult, but as Whitman explains, “the quality is fantastic.”

5 Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

  1. Plan out the overall look of the party! Whether you are hosting a backyard bar-b-que, a family birthday party, or a holiday gathering, be sure to come up with a creative theme surrounding your event. Doing this will make planning the rest easier!

  2. Next, take a look at your outdoor space and make sure you have enough seating to host all of your guests. Starting with a base of sturdy and comfortable furniture pieces is a great place to begin!

  3. Be sure to spruce up your outdoor space with accessories to match your party theme!

  4. Create a menu that will “wow” your guests! Get creative here! Take a look back at your party theme and see what food you can create to match your theme.

  5. Keep it cool! Keep your guests cool with cocktails (or mocktails!) Need ideas? Read about some of our favorite party cocktails for the summer on our blog.

Matching fabrics to your outdoor scenery can sometimes prove difficult. “I love that you can find so many different fabrics to match whatever else you have going on in your backyard,” Whitman adds. With over 300 outdoor fabric colors and patterns to choose from, finding the perfect match for your lavender-blue hydrangea blooms has never seemed simpler.

The Summer Classics product Whitman can’t seem to take her eyes off of is the ever-classic Wicker material. “I love the nostalgia that wicker has and I also love knowing that it will last a long time.” Summer Classics uses N-Dura Resin wicker technology that guarantees no discoloration for up to five years, meaning that classic nostalgia is guaranteed to be enjoyed for years to come. The Astoria collection finished in an oyster grey hue ensures a home run with your outdoor party guests.

To listen to more of Whitman’s wise words, see the video below.