Summer Classics $5,000 Golden Ticket Was Found

Summer Classics Offers Golden Tickets For Early Buy Orders


September 22, 2014

At Summer Classics annual Garden Party this year’s theme was Willy Wonka’s, timeless song “Pure Imagination”, an idea that reflects the approach of Summer Classics’ creative staff and president, Bew White.

The company celebrated the theme with Summer Classics chocolate bars concealing golden tickets offering large rebates to dealers who ordered $15,000 or more. Customers who were qualified received a chance to win a golden ticket valued between $100-$5,000 credited toward early buy product orders.

The promotion extended through the 2014 International Casual Furniture and Accessories Market in Chicago, which ended last week. Windergarden, a Summer Classics dealer for over 10 years in Toronto, Ontario found the $5,000 grand prize golden ticket at the Summer Classics showroom in Chicago.


In the photo, (left to right): Bret Warren, Summer Classics sales representative; Rose Marie Harasymowycz, owner of Windergarden; Bew White, president of Summer Classics; and George Harasymowycz, owner of Windergarden.

“Everyone loved it! This was an entertaining way to encourage early buy orders, because every chocolate bar included a golden ticket with different credit amounts,” said Bew White, Summer Classics President.

“An element of surprise is always exciting. It was even more exciting for Windergarden, who has been working to improve and increase business with a recently renovated showroom that tripled their size,” said Bret Warren a Summer Classics sales representative.

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