An All-Ages Treehouse Gets the Summer Classics Treatment

Clutching the thick rope handrails, guests bounce gleefully as they cross the swinging bridge and enter the treehouse with a sense of joyful wonder. Sometimes “life’s best moments” are all fun and games!

When nature-loving clients asked Mark P. Finlay Interiors to create an adult friendly outdoor space, Tina Anastasia, Director of Interior Design at the celebrated Connecticut design firm, suggested a whimsical approach. Her clients admired the Southport Park, another outdoor project completed by Mark P. Finlay Interiors, which features a large wooden treehouse sizable enough for adults to enjoy. They enthusiastically agreed to use the public space as inspiration for their private residence.

As Director of Interior Design, Tina Anastasia oversees all residential and commercial projects at Mark P. Finlay Interiors.

Taking the natural surrounds as inspiration, the Mark P. Finlay design team chose a rustic and masculine aesthetic to complement the beautiful wooded areas surrounding the Fairfield, CT home. Having completed several outdoor projects for esteemed environmental organizations like the Connecticut Audubon Society, Tina and her design team were quite familiar with natural terrain. “Each time we design an outdoor space of this nature, we learn something new and carry that to the next project,” Tina explains.

From the crisscrossed deck rails to the understated lighting, every detail in the treehouse has been thoughtfully considered.


Even with previous experience constructing similar structures, the Fairfield property posed a unique set of challenges. Namely, the sloping topography of the lot. Yet the design team did not compromise on construction or style, even when they realized the ideal placement for the structure would be located on the, “steepest slope on the property.” The designers ensured the douglas fir treehouse included all of the client’s wish list elements, including a swinging wooden bridge which serves as the building’s entrance. Treehouse visitors, adults and children alike, “can’t help but bounce,” on this fun feature.

Tina Anastasia and her team took great care to select outdoor furniture that brought a contemporary look to the structure’s rustic interiors. Ultimately, they turned to Summer Classics: “We love the variety that Summer Classics gives us in style.” Black Walnut seating from the Summer Classics Rustic Collection juxtapose the natural wood walls, while black & white Cordial Classic Sunbrella cushions provide plush comfort. The designers chose Summer Classics N-Dura resin wicker pieces for their unmatched “durability and easy maintenance.” To create a custom look, luxurious Ocean teak seating from the Summer Classics White Label collection were also added to the ground floor.

From warm summer nights chasing fireflies to autumn sunrises sipping coffee on the upper deck, the treehouse is a multipurpose space designed for relaxation. The treehouse is also well-equipped for entertaining. On the upper deck, a lofted ceiling creates generous space for conversation. On the lower deck, cocktails and snacks are served from a marble-topped buffet. Tina pictures her clients enjoying their natural surroundings “on the upper floor, using binoculars to look for wildlife,” with an ice-cold “cocktail while admiring a view up into the trees.” Life’s best moments, indeed.


Images courtesy of Jane Beiles Photography