Summer Classics Home Stores Showcase One-of-a-Kind Book

In the age of technology, there’s something refreshing about having good, old-fashioned book to hold in your hands and flip through pages filled with words and illustrations. And it doesn’t get much more old-fashioned than Birds of America by Joel Oppenheimer, which chronicles the work of John James Audubon, an ornithologist and perhaps one of the most widely recognized American artists.


Following Audubon’s death in 1851, his family made arrangements with printer Julius Bien to produce a large folio edition of Audubon’s incredible paintings. After producing just 150 plates, the book was halted because of the Civil War.

With Oppenheimer’s 2013 edition, readers can now enjoy Audubon’s documented work, which Oppenheimer states “invokes twentieth-century art sensibilities rather than nineteenth-century notions of rendering natural history subjects.” The book tells the story of Audubon’s life, showcases the Bien edition of his work, and presents page after page of the incredible plates of his work.

“All the reproductions, prints, framed art, wallpaper, stationery, you name it, if you can put a bird on it- and if it’s Audubon – it originated from THIS book,” says Merchandising Manager Lindsay McMullen. “John Audubon’s Birds of America is the ultimate collector’s item for bird, book or art lovers or the person who has everything. The book is gorgeous, the packaging is gorgeous, the pages within are gorgeous. It’s just the perfect addition to a coffee table or a collection. We LOVE it!”

Not only is this book a beautiful treasure to peruse, but the grand 15- x 23-inch size of this book also makes it a great decorative piece for any home. This book and other classics can be found at the following Summer Classics Home Stores: Pelham, Charlotte, Atlanta, San Antonio and Richmond. Each store only has a few copies of this exclusive edition. Please contact our stores for more info and availability.