Summer Classics Quick-Ship Program Customized for You

Summer Classics understands that our customers love the customization that they get with our products. But customization in outdoor furniture is often associated with longer lead times.  That’s why, in addition to creating luxury outdoor furniture with great style and quality, our team created a Quick-Ship Furniture Program for Summer Classics, offering you a fast solution to beautiful outdoor furniture, transforming you or your client’s space in just a matter of weeks!

Croquet Teak | Summer Classics

How Does the Quick-Ship Program Work?

The goal of the Quick-Ship program is to keep the most popular Summer Classics frames in stock, so only the cushions need to be made. And don’t worry, we have a solution to that as well! For all items that do not require a cushion, the frame will be shipped in 1-2 weeks. However,  the quick-ship program keeps cushions for the frames that do require a cushion s in-stock in our exclusive, Sunbrella linen dove fabric (101) covered Dream cushions, making it ready to ship in just 3-4 weeks.

What Furniture Collections Make Up the Quick-Ship Program?

The program originally included six frames in certain finishes that would be available for quick ship, but has continued to evolve and grow over time as the program has become more and more popular, with the biggest offering yet for 2019.

“We found that more than 35% of our volume was put into these best-selling frames,” says Schon Duke, vice president of sales. “That’s why we implemented to program to provide these best sellers to our customers more quickly. The program has proven to be so popular that we’ve added more frames for 2019.”

And Duke is quick to say that this new program has been a game changer for all of our dealers because they can access these particular lines so quickly. Dukes also credits the strategy of being selective about what products enter into the program to the success of the program, as the Summer Classics team only chooses new products for the program that are proven sellers.

2019 Quick-Ship Furniture Collections:


quick-ship furniture

Quick-ship Frames: Lounge Chair, Recliner, and Sofa (fabric & self-welt made in 101, Linen dove)

Part of the Summer Classics White Label Collection, Newport is one of the newest additions to the 2019 quick-ship program, offering the perfect relaxed-coastal look to any space.


quick-ship furniture

Quick-ship Frames: arm chair, side chair, lounge chair, ottoman, swivel glider, recliner, and sofa (fabric & self-welt made in 101, Linen dove)

A longtime favorite to the Summer Classics line, the Astoria Collection offers the perfect mix of materials with the frame constructed in an oyster colored N-Dura resin and the outline of the frame constructed in an oyster aluminum. Astoria is one of the few collections in the quick-ship program that offers the full collection line.


quick-ship furniture

Quick-ship Frames: Arm Chair & Side Chair (fabric & self-welt made in 101, Linen dove)

A new addition to the 2019 quick-ship program, the Belize dining chairs are the perfect understatement of sophisticated comfort. Offered in both a contrasting gray finish and a brown finish, this collection provides a stylish and quick solution to outdoor dining.

Club Woven 

The perfect mix of elegant style and modern design, the Club Woven collection is executed in our durable, woven, N-Dura resin wicker and offered in a black walnut and oyster finishes. And if you are in need of a stylish outdoor sectional that can be shipped in less than a month, this is the collection for you!


A clean and stylish look that comes without a cushion, the Coast collection offers that worry-free option with the bonus of shipping in just 1-2 weeks! So if you are hosting a party and are need of some high-quality and stylish patio furniture, or if your client needs their space furniture in just a couple of weeks, the Coast quick-ship furniture collection is the perfect solution!

Croquet Aluminum & Croquet Teak

quick-ship furniture

To view the full collections for each, visit the Croquet Aluminum and the Croquet Teak web pages (fabric & self-welt made in 101, Linen dove)

Timeless both in style and longevity, the Croquet Aluminum and Croquet Teak collections have consistently been a favorite in the Summer Classics line, which is one of the reasons why we stock the full Croquet line as part of our quick-ship Essentials program.


quick-ship furniture

Quick-ship frames: Lounge chair, ottoman, sofa, spring speaker lounge chair (fabric & self-welt made in 101, Linen dove)

Timeless and built for year-round living, the Peninsula collection features an elegant, coastal flare. The light raffia-colored resin finish is perfect for mixing with teak and other collections in the quick-ship  Essentials line.


quick-ship furniture

Quick-ship frames: Lounge chair, spring lounge, ottoman, sofa (fabric & self-welt made in 101, Linen dove)

Sturdy and timeless, the Roma collection is inspired by the simplistic curves found in Italian antiques. Introduced in 2018, Roma’s impeccably styled frame is crafted to stand the test of time.


Another favorite in the Summer Classics line, the Rustic Collection offers a modern, yet timeless look for an outdoor space. Offered in black walnut and slate gray, Rustic is one of the other collections in the quick-ship program that offers the full collection line.

The Essentials quick-ship program will continue to evolve to grow and change with our customers’ needs. If you are interested in learning more, please contact your sales representative or find an SC Home store or authorized dealer near you!