An Inside Look at the Summer Classics Quick-Ship Essentials Program

In addition to creating luxury outdoor furniture with great style and quality, Summer Classics is committed to doing whatever it takes to serve our customers first. That’s why nearly three years ago our team created the Essentials Program for Summer Classics. The quick-ship program keeps the most popular frames in stock with our ever popular white linen dove cushions so that they can be ready to ship to the customer 48 hours after the order is made and credit is approved. That program originally included six frames in certain finishes  that would be available to quick shipping to our customers.

Croquet Teak | Summer Classics

Croquet Teak | Summer Classics

“We found that more than 35% of our volume was put into these best-selling frames,” says Schon Duke, vice president of sales. “That’s why we implemented to program to provide these best sellers to our customers more quickly. The program has proven to be so popular that we’ve added more frames for 2018.”

The frames included in the program are Astoria, Cahaba Rectangular Dining Table, Club Aluminum, Club Woven, Club Croquet, Coast, Peninsula, Regent and Rustic. And while we have linen dove cushions on-hand to ship with these frames, it is possible to order cushions with other fabrics that can be custom made in about three to four weeks.

And Dukes is quick to say that this new program has been a game changer for all of our dealers because they can access these particular lines so quickly. “The feedback has been phenomenal,” he says. “We gave a first quarter forecast and sold out of the entire inventory the first month of January.”

Beth Bucy of Casual Creations in Baton Rouge, LA has been a huge fan of the program. “Rustic and Croquet do extremely well for us,” she says. “We do a good bit of linen dove fabric. Our customers love the wider arms and clean lines of the pieces, as well as the comfort and the deepness of the collections. So it’s great to get these products so quickly”

Dukes also credits the strategy of being selective about what products enter into the program to the success of the program and our dealers’ love of the program. The Summer Classics team only chooses new products for the program that are proven sellers.


Antique Brick Inc, a dealer in Little Rock, Arkansas, loves the program. “The Club woven swivel lounge chair has done really well for us,” says Loren Layton. “I really like that the swivel mechanisms are hidden on this particular style. The Rustic will always be a fan fave around our showroom with its clean lines and simple design. It’s nice to be able to get these items so quickly.”

The Essentials quick-ship program will continue to evolve to grow and change with our customers’ needs.