Trend Watch: 2018 Outdoor Fabric Trends

Each season the Summer Classics design team scours the marketplace, searching high & low for the hottest outdoor trends in textile design. It’s often a labor of love, and we’re always delighted to complete the search, bringing our favorite outdoor fabrics finds back to Summer Classics designers & dealers.

Curious about the results of our diligent trend hunting? We’re thrilled to share our findings with you! Read on to discover 2018’s freshest outdoor fabric trends.

Outdoor fabric

2018 Outdoor Fabric Trends

What’s trending in textile design? There’s truly something for everyone. From freshly-picked floral prints to the classic cabana stripe, many timeless looks have been reinvented for 2018. For more adventurous tastes, boundary-pushing hues and artisan-made prints are also driving current fabric trends.

All Things Green 

Greenery has been a rising trend for a while now, with more and more people filling their homes with foliage as way to bring nature back into the home. With the urban lifestyle trend on the rise, people are looking for ways to reconnect with nature, spilling over into everything from wallpaper prints to fabric patterns, as well as smaller home accessories. Green upholstery is set to become a key trend, particularly shades of forest green, pine and emerald. The new 2019 Summer Classics Mallard Green fabric story offers just that!

outdoor fabric

From left to right: Botanical Peony, Marcella Flamingo, Modern Tropical Citrus, Zebra Pebble

Into the Wild

From delicate floral sketches to the unmistakable fan of palm fronds, the natural world continues to influence textile design. Large-scale botanicals, animal hide, and oceanic prints are abundant, highlighting the ever-inspiring bounty of nature.

outdoor fabric

From left to right: Linen Cornflower, Wasabi, Rumor Flamingo, Mindful Citrus

Solid Foundation

Pattern shy? No worries – solids are totally on-trend, too. This season, designers have shied away from saturated primary colors, opting instead for offbeat shades like cornflower blue, wasabi green, and flirty flamingo pink. Pleasantly unexpected, these solids can be mixed & matched to achieve a spirited array of color.

outdoor fabric

From left to right: Miura Pacific, Formation Mist, Nara Midnight, Orbital Linen

Global Artisan

Drawing inspiration from traditional crafts practiced throughout the world, textile designers are taking cues from global artisans, implementing traditional pattern making techniques like block printing and shibori. Authentic designs have an imperfect quality – this trend celebrates the irregularity of handmade goods.

outdoor fabric

From left to right: Porter Stripe Indigo, Bistro Stripe Apple, Notion Naltic, Cabana Stripe Cobalt

Cabana Classic

What’s more classic than a crisp, high-contrast stripe? Our answer: almost nothing. From pin-thin lines to wide swathes of color, select a stripe that complements your space in hue and scale. For a modern take on this timeless trend, try a pattern that mixes both thick and skinny stripes.

outdoor fabric

From left to right: Motion 1/2 Scale Dove, Starlet Dove, Johnston Canvas, Marais Wren

Barely There

With just a whisper of tint, fabric in barely-there hues like pebble, canvas, and sand create a polished dreamscape. Texture is key; a muted palette calls for tactile interest. Opt for fabric with pleats, embroidery, or varied fibres.

Fantastic Fibres: Performance Fabric Sweeps the Market

Perhaps the largest trend in textile design is performance fabric. These high-tech fabrics work like a charm, repelling the toughest spills and stains with ease. Ideal for homes with children, pets, and high-impact areas, performance fabrics continue to grow in popularity season after season.

As the market for performance fabric expands, savvy designers are matching the demand with enticing new options; the selection of fashionable fabrics has never been broader. ​Explore our collection​ of performance textiles from trusted brands like Sunbrella, Outdura, Bella-Dura, and Al Fresco.

Summer Classics also offers a line of fabrics that are exclusive to Summer Classics only, called Colores™. “Almost ninety percent of Summer Classics fabrics are exclusive to our brand,” says creative director Chris Hutchens. “We work with some of the best outdoor fabric companies in the industry to create signature looks for our customers.” Top designers from Sunbrella, Bella-Dura, and Outdura regularly meet with the Summer Classics creative team to develop one-of-a-kind prints and patterns that can’t be found anywhere else. Whether it’s a current trend or tried-and-true classic, the designers make sure to have a wide variety of selections in a wide offering of colorways. “It’s just one more way we can offer customers to get a look that is completely personal,” Chris Hutchens says.

Pro Tip: Investing in performance fabric isn’t only smart…it’s sustainable. The lifetime of your upholstery can increase exponentially, reducing the environmental impact of new product fabrication.

Styling Notes: Performance Pillows from Wendy Jane by Gabby

outdoor fabric

Complete your outdoor oasis with fashion-forward throw pillows from ​Wendy Jane by Gabby​, the newest addition to the Summer Classics family. Not only are these cushions cozy & chic, they are performance pillows, equipped to withstand life’s little (or big) messes.