Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my cushions?

Fabrics are to be “spot cleaned only” and are not suited to machine washing / dry cleaning and machine drying. Visit link to download cleaning instructions.

Can I remove my cushion covers throught the zipper and wash or dry clean them?

Please note: Zippers are included for cosmetic purposes and added drainage only. Do not remove THE FOAM CORES due to the tight fit and the difficulty with repositioning them when reinserted. 

What should I clean my furniture frames with?

We recommend using a simply mixture of mild liquid soap and water.

Which kind and where can I buy furniture covers for my SC frames?

Frame covers are a great way to keep cushions clean in the outdoor environments. You can buy covers at our retail stores click here to locate a retail store in your area!

If my frames have been discontinued can I order replacement cushions?


Will my Teak furniture age and turn a different finish?

Our teak furniture is untreated, because most people prefer it this way. After a time, all untreated teak will develop a silvery-gray patina. If this is the look you prefer, simply clean your teak once a year, with a soft bristle brush and a solution of mild liquid detergent and a small amount of household bleach dissolved in warm water. This will eliminate most of the dirt, air pollutions and algae. If you prefer to maintain the original teak color, clean your furniture and apply a coat of teak sealer. Teak sealers are available at many furniture retailers, and local hardware stores, and will include application directions. Teak sealer will need to be reapplied according to conditions and exposure. Summer Classics does not recommend the use of teak oil.

If I have a warranty issue, who can help me?

Please contact our Customer Service department at (205) 987-3100 or 888.868.4267.

Does Summer Classics accept COM orders?

Yes, there is a special form you will need to fill out on page . COM is priced as a B Grade fabric.

Does Summer Classics accept fabric orders from Sunbrella’s SOS program?

Yes, there is a special form you will need to fill out on page . SOS fabric is priced as a C Grade fabric.

Can you help find a table base that will fit?

All our tops and bases are now shown in the related items section on the website. For example, you choose a 36″ stone top, below will be the bases that go accordingly with the top.

Can I put SC products in my pool or the ocean?

Wrought and Cast Aluminum finishes do not do well with direct exposure to salt water.