A Day of Art

Ralph Waldo Emerson once noted, “Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art,” and so true when it comes to the design of your home. Art has the power to instantly transform a space, generate an emotion and one of the most vital elements in decorating a room. It is a highly personal choice and most importantly, it does not have to match your sofa. While selecting art is often a daunting task, the best advice is to follow your heart, if you love it, buy it!

Summer Classics Home is making selecting art and easier by offering an Artist Pop-Up Shop Event showcasing local artist in our Nation-wide stores. Held on July 29th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., browse a variety of styles and enjoy an appetizer and mimosa as the perfect painting, photograph, or jewelry design may be waiting for you. Meeting and talking with the artist makes it more enjoyable and remember, today’s up-and-coming artist could be tomorrow’s superstar.

The Artist Events are held in the following cities:


Debra Hewitt Art offers both abstract and landscapes. The Oxford, Mississippi native has a passion for faith-based art.

Hewitt’s pastel abstract paintings work wonderfully with both white and distressed accessories.

Elise Ferrer Photography features her work of life and people. She is a self-professed “everything photographer.”


Leslie Cannon Artwork showcases the artist’s collection of pet portraits, figures and work that is often inspired by the beach.

Artist Leslie Cannon’s varied work provides something for every taste.

Jewels in pearl, stone and leather can be found through Betsy Clayton Designs.


A stunning pearl and leather necklace by artist Betsy Clayton.

Remember your pet forever with, Tess Brancatos’ beautiful commissioned fine art pet portraits.


Lauren Dunn creates with a “Southern soul” in mind and favors works painted with a palette knife to achieve texture, depth and layers.

Dunn’s whimsical abstract cow would make quite the statement in a kitchen or breakfast room.


Angie Sian offers custom sea fan art and coastal décor.

Artist Angie Sian and her unique sea fan art.


Jessica Sharpe is a transcendental surrealist scatter artist and painter.

Give your desk a makeover with Ashley Shelley’s interesting decorative planners and organizer supplies.

Get organized with Ashley Shelly’s daily planners, budget planners, journals, and much more!

See the Mermaid Alchemist for electroformed copper jewelry inspired by the curious and the magical.


Butler Portraits: Capture your family and pets through hand crafted oil portraits.

Children’s portrait makes a commanding presence in a bold dining room.

Kelly Flammia – From beautiful beach paintings to Italian Winery’s, Kelly’s watercolor artwork will make you want to escape.

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