Behind the Design: The Avondale Teak Outdoor Furniture Collection

Outdoor furniture season is in full swing, which is why we want to take a minute to talk to you about one of our favorite Summer Classics furniture collections – The Avondale Teak collection.

According to Matt Scallions, Summer Classics VP of Design, “When we were designing Avondale Teak we sought to find the balance between visual weight of the large teak back slats and the more delicate frame,” said Matt. “It was a challenge to make the frame appear structural yet delicate.  We were able to take advantage of the linear strength of teak wood and make the frame as thin as possible while retaining strength.  We angled the back leg to strike balance between the angle of the back rest and the ground plane, creating a dynamic that forces the eye to move around and through the design.”  

Avondale Mill Village

The name of the furniture design was inspired by Summer Classics’ founder Bew White, as he began his career as a textile sales representative at his family’s fabric business at Avondale Mills. Featuring a classic mid-century modern design, these pieces offer deep seating and simple lines that are sure to stand through each season’s elements.

Equally beautiful as it is comfortable, Avondale features a smooth texture and minimalistic design that mixes nicely with a variety of collections. Available in natural teak, weathered teak, or our new oyster teak finish, which is made to mimic the silvery grey patina teak develops as it ages allowing endless design variations.

Below you will see all of the items within the Avondale Collection:

Another reason why we love the Avondale teak collection? Three words: built to last. That’s right.  Teak is the best wood for use in outdoor furniture and any other outdoor applications like marine use because of the high oil and rubber content in the wood. These high levels within the wood help to prevent the wood from water absorption and rotting. Handcrafted with mortise and tenon construction, this collection is sure to withstand each seasons elements so you don’t have to occupy your precious summer hours with tedious furniture upkeep.

Intimidated by teak? Not a problem. At Summer Classics we recognize the need for our guests to maintain teak in the finish fashion in which they prefer. We developed Summer Classics teak cleaner, protector and shield. These quality products provide the highest quality look and finish for premium grade teak. So while the Avondale collection does require a teak tweak every once in a while,  it is impervious to sun, rain, heat and cold, making it made to last through Life’s Best Moments…Furnished.








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