Carrie Pittman Featured Artist at Summer Classics Garden Party

Shimmer, swirls, and pearly twirls are signatures of Carrie Pittman’s unique style. Glimmering colors radiate from the canvas leaving your gaze in awe over the lovely strokes. Feasting over the unique piece, feelings of serenity sweep you away.

Carrie Pittman’s art has a way of wrapping your heart into an envelope of inspiration. Bold tones of foggy blacks and popping pinks exude a richness while metallic accents and white washes whisper simple calls to rest. Residing in Birmingham, AL, Pittman spends her days by beginning with a devotional and workout then slipping into her creative space. She uses a variety of materials (oil, acrylic, watercolor, and papier-mâché/mixed media) to create uniquely elegant pieces. When creating a piece for a buyer, Pittman works to compliment the room with beauty and real elements.

Pittman shared her beautiful collection of purses, art, and pillows at the Summer Classics Home Showroom at the Summer Classics/Gabby Garden Party Event.

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