Container Gardens for Beautiful Outdoor Style

Container gardens are a great way to accessorize your outdoor rooms. Lydia Pursell, owner of Leaf & Petal Flower Garden Shop in Birmingham, Alabama shares her secrets for putting together perfect containers.

For starters, Lydia says that it’s important to have these basics for beautiful container gardens: good potting soil, plant food, good pair of clippers, gloves, aprons, moss or bark and a hat and sunscreen. Gather those things before you begin your project to make putting together your container gardens much easier.

Next, she suggests thinking about the size of your space when determining your container gardens. And, it’s important to know your light in order to select the right plants to use. Be sure to check the tag on the plants before purchasing them so you’ll be sure to know exactly how best to use the plants.

Lydia uses the tried-and-true formula of “thrill, fill and spill” to create the most interesting containers. She starts with her thrill, which is the focal point of your container garden. She then suggests that you add the fill and spill. When it comes to color combinations, in addition to looking at the color of your flowers, pay attention to the different types of greens you’re using.

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