Discover the Best Seats in the House: Gabby Bar Stools

photo courtesy Glimpse Guides

The kitchen island has taken center stage as the command central of the home, where Gabby Bar Stools can elevate the design. It’s the place where the kids eat a quick breakfast, homework assignments are overseen  while dinner bubbles on the stove and happy hour conversations occur. Wooden and wobbly bar stools from years ago have been replaced by more stylish and comfortable seating.

Vivian Counter Stools photo courtesy of Cynthia Rice of Old Seagrove Homes

When selecting bar stools vs. counter stools, it’s important to remember that the seating should be proportional to the height of your kitchen island. A 36-inch-tall counter is best suited for a  counter stool, while a 42-to-46-inch tall counter works for a bar stool.

King Bar Stools Photo courtesy of Lori Paranjape of Mrs.Paranjape Design + Interiors

When it comes to bar stool design, there are several things to consider. First, do you prefer a bar stool with or without a back? Our backless Vivian Counter Stool is upholstered with a neutral fabric that matches nicely with a variety of kitchen decor. The backless chairs complement the architecture of the kitchen, showcasing the beautiful details.  The sleek style of the King Bar Stool has an acrylic back that also blends well with the beauty of the kitchen.

Vivian Counter Stools Photo courtesy of Lori Paranjape of Mrs.Paranjape Design + Interiors

Materials are an important determination in selecting a bar stool. Gabby likes to add an unexpected charm to our bar stools by mixing materials together for a unique, eclectic look.

Most importantly, because bar stools get so much use, they should be comfortable. Not only should they be a place where you could sit for a long period of time, but footrests are also an essential part of the design.

And, finally, if you don’t have an island in your kitchen, but love the look and idea of the bar stool, use a table and bar stools pulled in a carefully selected spot to create the same look.

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