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Meet America’s Most Beloved Organizing Duo, the Home Edit

Many of you may not know who The Home Edit is by name, but chances are you’ve seen their insanely organized photos all over Instagram. This Nashville-based company was founded by home organizing duo Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, who together have beautified the closets, pantries, and playrooms of A-list celebrities, all whom have sought out help from The Home Edit to make their messy spaces more manageable–and stylish.

Along with their team of master organizers, Joanna and Clea spend their day-to-day transforming clients’ homes and giving tips and tricks to their now 1 Million+ followers. They have made it their personal life mission to take home organization from a boring chore to an attractive art.

So, if they’re spending all of their time helping others tidy up their homes it might have you wondering what the insides of their actual homes look like?

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The Real Homes of Professional Organizers

Watch as The Home Edit gives us a peek inside their real-life homes where organization and decor collide, featuring Summer Classics and Gabby. Now, let’s go inside!

Simple and Southern: Joanna’s Front Porch

When we first partnered with The Home Edit, Joanna had just recently moved into her first house in Nashville, so she was eager to “buy beautiful furniture for my new outdoor spaces”. The front porch was the starting point for her inspiration since it is the entryway before the entryway into her beautiful new home.

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“For the front porch, this space needed to stay classic all the way, but in a different way,” said Joanna. “I selected two of the Adirondack style chairs, matching ottomans and a cute, little side table in between. Simple and timeless – everything a southern, brick porch ever wanted.”

Thinking Outside the Box: Joanna’s Back Patio

Joanna’s outdoor makeover is not quite done yet! Now that she has a beautiful-styled front porch, she just needed Summer Classics furniture to complete her screened-in back patio.

the home edit summer classics avondale furniture

I wanted this space to function in a traditional way so that we could entertain family and friends on warm days and nights,” said Joanna. “But, additionally, since our entire The Home Edit team, aside from me, lives in Nashville, I also wanted to use this porch to host team meetings and gatherings, when we have jobs close to me.”

Always loving the look of classic teak wood – Joanna knew right away that she wanted to heavily incorporate this material for the into her back patio area. “For me, the Avondale Teak Collection, with white cushions and charcoal piping, sitting on my new red brick porches allowed each item to live its absolute best life!”

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Champagne Taste: Clea’s Living Room Reveal

When Clea first came to us about designing her living room with Gabby furniture, she knew exactly what she wanted – a monochromatic color scheme for a clean and modern look.  We started the process by deciding on fabrics, which was not too hard as Clea says, “it’s either black and white, or full rainbow”, so we went with a grey fabric combo to meet in the middle.

the home edit cleas living room reveal with gabby

After looking through all of Gabby’s 100+ fabric options, Clea decided to with a soft gray velvet fabric on the customizable, Abbott Sectional. Since the couch is a velvety material, she went with a softer gray leather on the Monroe Club Chairs to add some textural differences to the room. And according to Clea, they are both holding up nicely from the daily wear and tear of her kids, guests, husband, and dog.

“My living room looks great and is now even more comfortable. So naturally, it’s going to be the favorite spot in the house for all of us.”

Living well in your home requires organization and good design. When they marry perfectly you’re well on your way to living Life’s Best Moments… Furnished™

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