How To Clean Your Outdoor Furniture

As the weather is warming up and you start spending more time in the sun again, make sure that your outdoor furniture is ready for summer by cleaning up the dirt, pollen, or whatever it may be that accumulated in the off-season. Summer Classics furniture is designed to withstand all types of weather with ease, making maintenance simple. No matter what style or material you have, Summer Classics offers outdoor furniture cleaner specifically made to help you get your furniture looking like new in no time.

outdoor furniture cleaner

Cleaning Wicker, Resin, Iron, and Aluminum Furniture

4 major outdoor furniture categories with 1 product to clean them all – Summer Classics Multi-Purpose Cleaner. This outdoor furniture cleaner was designed to make cleaning easy and hassle-free, removing all dirt, stains and moisture from surfaces AND cushions.

outdoor furniture cleanerCleaning Steps:

  1. To clean, start by removing the cushions and cleaning them separately.
  2. Then spray the cleaner onto the surface allowing cleaner to soak in for 30 seconds.
  3. Use the bristle brush that is part of the cleaner kit to loosen and remove the dirt that is trapped in the cracks and crevices of the furniture.
  4. Last, rinse everything off with your garden hose before setting in the sun to dry.

Cleaning Teak Furniture

Summer Classics teak products weather to a beautiful grey patina over time. While some people like this look, others prefer for the teak to stay its warm natural color. Regardless, it is important to maintain and clean your teak furniture in order for it to last. At Summer Classics, we recognize this need, which is why we developed a teak cleaner, protector, and shield. These quality products provide the highest quality look and finish for premium grade teak.

outdoor furniture cleaner

Teak Protector

If you want to maintain or bring the natural golden color back to your teak furniture you can add Summer Classics Teak Protector to maintain the natural color. In order to preserve this golden teak color it is important to apply the protector before the teak becomes gray. Fun fact: this Teak Protector lasts four times longer than if you applied teak oil and two times longer than if you applied teak sealer.

outdoor furniture cleaner

To use, be sure to remove all cushions and clean the product using the teak cleaning instructions. Make sure the area is completely dry after cleaning before applying the teak protector. Once dry apply a very thin layer over the cleaned area with a dust free cloth. Wait 30 minutes and apply a second thin layer. This should be applied at least once a year for premium results.

Teak Shield

Summer Classics Teak Shield is another teak product that is designed to prevent food and drink stains from penetrating and staining teak. It also acts as a water repellent to water and moisture helping reduce and prevent mold and mildew growth.

outdoor furniture cleaner

If your teak furniture is new, allow the products to weather outside for two weeks prior to applying the Teak Shield and/or Teak Cleaner. To start, make sure that the surface is 100% dry and clean from dust. Then, apply a thin layer of the shield with a clean cloth and allow 4 hours for drying before adding a second thin layer to the surface. To maintain the natural golden color, Teak Shield should be applied several times a year.

Teak Cleaner

For the restoration of Oyster, grey teak, Summer Classics Teak Cleaner offers cleaner and brightener in one. For best results, clean your teak product before winter storage and then prior to regular usage. Once the product is cleaned and completely dry it may be placed in rain, sun or snow.

outdoor furniture cleaner

To use, start by moistening the teak furniture with water then apply the Teak Cleaner with a soft cloth or sponge. You should allow the cleaner to soak in for about 3 minutes before brushing the teak clean with a the scrubbing pad that is provided with the teak cleaner bottle. After the clean is applied, make sure the teak is completely dry before applying the Teak Protector.

To learn more about how to clean your teak furniture, read our Teak Maintenance Blog Post.




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