6 Outdoor Living Trends to Try in 2019

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Whether you plan to freshen your outdoor space with new accessories or overhaul the entire backyard with a custom renovation, we can’t wait to see the outdoor updates you complete this year! Need a little inspiration? Here, we’ve gathered six of 2019’s top trends in outdoor design. You won’t find any ‘flash in a pan’ fads here––we believe these design movements will stick around for seasons to come.

6 Outdoor Living Trends to Try in 2019

Outdoor Living Trends

Create an island-inspired outdoor getaway with the Summer Classics Havana Collection.

1. Outdoor Living Wanderlust

In essence, wanderlust is the powerful desire to travel, and with travel more accessible than ever, global influence is sure to sweep the marketplace in 2019. Passport in hand, many
designers are searching the globe for exotic inspiration, drawing influence from diverse styles of architecture, visual art, cuisine and culture.

Each season we find fresh inspiration in far-flung corners of the world, and this year, Summer Classics collections highlight two of our favorite international travel destinations: Cuba and Japan. For an outdoor living space with worldly sophistication, discover the Havana Collection and Osaka Toile pillows from Wendy Jane.

Outdoor Living Trends

Customized with cobalt blue cushions, the Wind Collection is a striking example of eco-friendly design.

2. Eco-Conscious Outdoor Design

This precious planet needs our help, and designers are stepping up to the challenge with an arsenal of new eco-friendly materials and construction techniques. Many brands are investing in scientific research & cutting-edge technologies to create beautiful products while minimizing their environmental impact.

Summer Classics is also doing its part to preserve the health of our environment. If sustainable design is on your radar this year, check out the stylish Wind Collection made with Resysta, an Earth-friendly resin produced from rice husks, salt, and mineral oil. This innovative, weather-resistant material will also require less maintenance over its lifetime.

Outdoor Living Trends

Constructed in acrylic and stainless steel, Claro Collection seating appeals to a modern audience.

3. Less is More, Outdoor Living Trend

As the old saying goes, “sometimes, less is more”. In 2019, design trends are revealing this oft-repeated idiom to be true; the minimalist design is having a major comeback. Streamlined silhouettes, functional materials, and muted color palettes are all important elements of this understated design trend.

Available in two modern finishes (‘Ancient Earth’ matte black and high-shine stainless steel) and three convenient heights (24” counter, 30” bar, or dining) the newly released Summer Classics Claro Collection is sure to be a hit in 2019. Modeled after our best-selling Gabby barstools, Claro seating has been optimized for the outdoor market.

Outdoor Living Trends

The Ashland Collection is our take on an American classic––wooden Adirondack seating.

4. Nostalgic Outdoor Living

Picture your perfect childhood summer day. If you envisioned salty ocean breeze, sandy feet, and suntanned shoulders, you are surely not alone. Many brands are designing outdoor furniture with vintage nostalgia in mind, providing family-friendly comfort through reinvented classics like the picnic table and Adirondack chairs.

Inspired by sun-drenched summers on the Atlantic shoreline, our designers channeled East Coast charm throughout the 2019 product introductions. Design your perfect getaway with the Kennebunkport Collection or Ashland Collection, and don’t forget to add Cape May Garden throw pillows from Wendy Jane.

Outdoor Living Trends

Emerald green is one of 2019’s hottest color trends, seen here with the matte black Soho Collection.

5. Daring Color, Outdoor Living Trend

Less than one decade ago, designers declared “greige” the hottest color scheme of the season. Well, look how far we’ve come… Today, most furniture brands are offering a plethora of textiles in every pattern, texture, and shade of the rainbow. Color can influence our mood and convey our individuality, so use it to your advantage! Select the perfect color palette in 3 easy steps.

Tasteful neutrals will always occupy a special place in our heart, but this outdoor living trend for 2019 is a chance to be bold with beautiful hues. Love midnight blue? Or is ethereal blush more your style? Dazzling emerald green, perhaps? We recently released 20+ new performance fabrics, so there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Outdoor Living Trends

Inspired by hand-woven basketry, the Montecito Collection is the newest addition to our White Label portfolio.

6. Built to Last

You probably won’t find this topic for outdoor living trends, trending on social media, but we believe high-quality construction is always en mode. As much as we appreciate the latest and greatest trends, we firmly believe that timeless design and flawless construction are the most important aspects of furniture design.

If your 2019 resolutions include practicing more thoughtful purchasing patterns, turn to the Summer Classics White Label Collection. Here you’ll find peerless construction, built with our most luxurious hardware, textiles, and fabrication techniques. Discover new product introductions, like the woven wicker Montecito Collection.


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