Your Guide to the Perfect Porch Makeover

Seasons of Change: Your Guide to the Perfect Porch Makeover

Cozy Front Porch Design

The Home Edit recently designed their front porch with Summer Classics Furniture! Our Club Adirondack chairs create a timeless look to this cute porch!

If you believe the season for entertaining al fresco ends with summer, replace this common misconception with our autumnal mantra: “Life’s best moments happen outdoors…in every season!” In fact, autumn is ideal for outdoor leisure. The mornings are crisp, the afternoons are bright, and the evenings are charged with the magical spark of fall. Make the most of this magnificent weather by giving your space a perfect porch makeover.

No matter your region, price point, or square footage, outdoor upgrades will multiply your open-air enjoyment and boost your home’s value. And seasonal porch updates don’t need to break the bank! Read on to discover how to achieve an autumn oasis at every price point for your porch makeover.

3 Things to Consider Before you Start Your Porch Makeover:

1. Space & Scale

Is your patio sprawling or are you stuck with a small-scale patio? Begin by measuring your outdoor space; the size and shape of your porch will influence your furniture selections. If your space is large, create coziness with multiple seating areas, using larger pieces to cover more ground. Strategic furniture swaps can create the illusion of more space in smaller areas; replace a dining set with a bistro table, or a chaise lounge with a flexible lounge chair and ottoman.

2. Materials Matter

Some materials require special care, so it’s important to consider the climate of your region before selecting outdoor furniture. Summer Classics Home offers a variety of weather-resistant materials to suit every environment.

Coastal Climates: Plantation Harvested Teak. The classic look of teak only improves with age.
Our high quality, plantation grown teak is the finest in the world. Each piece is finished with
mortise and tenon construction.

Long-term Use: Stainless Steel. Corrosion resistant stainless steel offers extreme strength and
longevity. 360-degree, hand-polished welds complete each sleek piece in the Summer Classics
steel collection.

Sunny Climates: N-dura Resin Wicker. Leading the industry in UV-resistant technology, our
N-dura resin wicker won’t fade under harsh sunlight. Summer Classics wicker is also memory
tested to 50,000 compressions, so you can be sure it’s structurally sound.

3. Look & Lifestyle

Lastly, consider your aesthetic and lifestyle when starting your porch makeover. Do you prefer streamlined silhouettes or more traditional shapes? Upholstery and cushions should also factor into furniture decisions, as they will require occasional maintenance and cleaning. Performance fabrics work best for households with children or pets.

traditional porch makeover

Our Provance Collection adds a timeless and traditional look to this fall-inspired patio!

Porch Investment Portfolio: When to Splurge, Spend, or Save.

There’s style at every price point. Not sure where to invest when re-designing your porch? Here’s what our design consultant experts suggest:

  • Weather-Resistant Textiles: Splurge. Quality fabrics will perform season after season, rapidly paying for
    themselves in function and longevity. High-tech textiles, like Sunbrella upholstery, are always a worthy
  • Landscape Design: Spend. Don’t overlook the power of great landscaping. Perennial plants will bloom for
    years to come while adding a manicured appearance to your outdoor spaces.
  • Outdoor Accessories: Save. Accents and accessories, especially seasonal decor, shouldn’t stretch your
    budget. This is a great opportunity to play with fresh palettes and popular design trends without a large
  • Four-seasons Furniture: Splurge. Designers suggest purchasing the best outdoor furniture your budget
    will allow. Remember, quality is a long-term investment in “life’s best moments”.
  • All-Weather Area Rug: Spend. A quality outdoor carpet can last for many seasons. Look for classic
    designs made from quick-dry materials that repel water and prevent mildew.
Fall inspired covered porch

Photo courtesy of Living with Landyn in collaboration with Summer Classics.

Ask SC Home: Where should I invest if my porch is…

…Covered? Focus on lighting. Overhead structures provide weather protection and warmth, but also tend to obstruct natural light. Luckily, covered porches often have electrical wiring and the structure to support a well-placed chandelier or cluster of pendants.

…Waterfront? Focus on furniture. Lucky you! Enjoy the view from weather-resistant furniture styles made with marine-grade teak or stainless steel. For the harshest coastal climates, we recommend the brass-accented Ocean White Label Collection.

…Urban? Focus on landscaping. Strategically placed greenery can create privacy while filtering harmful air pollutants. Vertical gardens and hedges provide a natural barrier, low-maintenance succulents or kitchen garden. Need some landscaping tips? Check out this post!

…Family-Friendly? Focus on fabrics. Durable and easy-to-clean performance fabrics are the gold standard in family-friendly design. Find more tips for selecting outdoor fabrics and upholstery .

Clean Outdoor Furniture with One Simple Step

Clean and preserve your outdoor furniture with one hassle-free product: the Summer Classics
multi-purpose cleaner . Designed to maintain both surfaces and cushions, this is the only product you’ll
need for wicker, resin, iron, and aluminum designs.

fall inspired succulents

Autumn Accessories: Fall’s Favorite Outdoor Porch Decor

Your outdoor porch space will come to life with these 5 special accessory additions:

1. Outdoor Throw Pillow: Nothing adds personality like a pile of colorful throw cushions. Discover our new
collection of performance pillows, Wendy Jane by Gabby.

2. Lights & Lanterns: Let there be light with lamps, lanterns, candles and string lights. Summer Classics
Home carries a broad selection of outdoor lighting elements.

3. Outdoor Dishware: Dining al fresco deserves a special set of dishware. Find a range of outdoor options at Summer
Classics Home.

 4. Pots & Planters: Most plants flourish in weather-resistant vessels made of concrete, ceramic, or
terracotta. Just remember to store your pots and planters before the season’s first frost.

5. Outdoor Furniture Covers: Protect your investment with waterproof furniture covers specifically
designed to fit Summer Classics frames. Premium features defend against weather damage, UV fading,
dust & dirt.

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