Property Brothers Features Summer Classics Furniture in Nashville Episodes

Life’s Best Moments– Filmed.

Summer Classics | Property Brothers

At Summer Classics, we strive to provide “life’s best moments” through luxury outdoor furniture. We believe in improving lives by improving homes. This mission happens to be shared by brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott— more famously known as the Property Brothers. Using their expertise as a realtor and a contractor, they have been helping families renovate, sell, and purchase houses since 2011 on their hit HGTV show. In the spinoff series, Property Brothers: Buying and Selling, they specifically help families buy new homes while renovating the families’ current homes for a successful sell. After first airing in Canada, the brothers have since made their way to U.S. cities like Atlanta and Austin. This month, they filmed several episodes in Nashville. Along the way, Summer Classics had the privilege of partnering with them on three episodes.

Nashville Showroom | Summer Classics

Summer Classics Nashville Showroom

Behind the Scenes. 

When the crew of Property Brothers: Buying and Selling arrived in Nashville, the team was walking around in the 12 South District when they stopped by our showroom. Based on the outdoor look they were going for, they thought Summer Classics would be a perfect fit. Victoria Tonelli, senior art director for Property Brothers, explains, “Everywhere we go, we scout local furniture stores to incorporate in the home’s reveal. We always want to make all our reveals look very different.” In this case, the show’s desired look was something upscale that also captured the unique charm of Nashville. As for us, we were thrilled to provide pieces that achieved the show’s vision for each episode.

Summer Classics | Property Brothers

Summer Classics Nashville store manager, Alyssa Carnahan, facilitated the first furniture installment. The Property Brothers team sent us a vision board, and they incorporated pieces from our Nashville showroom into that theme. Design consultant Lauren Donihue organized the presentations and storyboards to ensure we’d gotten the perfect look. On September 29th, the first episode aired. For the backyard space in the renovated home, we selected transitional items such as Venti and Peninsula.  “It was really a seamless fit,” Carnahan notes of the partnership’s successful start. “We even celebrated their birthday on our furniture!”

Venti Sofa | Summer Classics

Venti Sofa

It was even more smooth sailing from there. For the following episode that aired on October 5th, Property Brothers asked us to select pieces from Gabby to fit a small indoor space. For this 900 square foot house, the show envisioned an Americana themed living room.  To execute this vision, we  incorporated Gabby’s clean and simplistic looks with red and blue pieces. In this episode, Tonelli adds that the majority of the living room was made up of Gabby items— most notably, our new Helena and Baldwin swivel lounge chairs.  The final episode was for a front porch where Summer Classics’ more transitional looks took the stage.  We provided our Haley sofa and Venti upholstered chair that brought a traditionally indoor look to an outdoor space. According to Tonelli, this “bridging the gap between interior and exterior” was exactly what the show wanted to convey through this porch space.


That’s a Wrap.

When asked what made this partnership a success, Tonelli comments that as a local company, Summer Classics helped showcase the “homey feel” of Nashville. While our company strive to create comfortable, timeless pieces, she specifies that our product “doesn’t look like your typical patio furniture.” This distinctiveness is something we’re proud of—we believe that it’s our relentless attention to detail that creates unique looks that customers love. It’s been exciting to partner with a show like Property Brothers that shares this passion for one-of-a-kind looks made possible by attention to detail. Carnahan comments, “The partnership has given Summer Classics Nashville and our design consultants great exposure about how we put everything together.” In the end, both of our brands know that our end goal is not about the furniture itself, but rather about the people and families they serve.

Summer Classics | Property Brothers

Check out videos from Season 7 of Property Brothers: Buying and Selling on the HGTV website to watch the brothers’ work in action. You might be able to spot some pieces from our Nashville showroom!

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