How to Remove Mildew from Your Outdoor Cushions

It’s easier than you think to remove mildew from your Summer Classics cushions. “When someone tells me that they have mildew on their Sunbrella fabric cushions, I just smile,” says Alan Rampey Director of Technical Services with Sunbrella fabrics. “Because I know that mildew is one of the easiest things to clean off of our fabrics.”

Rampey continues, you have to have heat, moisture, spores and a food source in order for mildew to form. So just keeping the cushions clean to begin with, which means brushing off food and spores quickly, can prevent mildew from ever forming. As the heat of summer fades to cooler days of fall, it’s a great time to clean your Summer Classics cushions so that you can refreshen and enjoy your outdoor rooms even more.

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You can remove mildew from your cushions with our Summer Classics Multi Surface Patio Furniture cleaner or with bleach.  Once you remove mildew, rinse the cushion with water. For deeper mildew, you’ll want to repeat the process several times. And leave the cushions out in the sun to dry for the afternoon.


We do have one word of warning. Not all outdoor cushions can be cleaned for mildew. All Summer Classics cushions are designed to resist fading in the sun, and they can be cleaned with the cleaner. For cushions from other manufacturers, it’s important to do a spot test on the underside of the cushion before you clean. This process will not work on a cotton fabric.


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