Savor Summer with Your Dog: Life’s Best Moments

Growing up, many of us found summertime companionship with our family dog. Our Labradors would run beside us as we biked through the neighborhood and golden retrievers would play between the sprinklers with us in the backyard. During those long and sweet summer days, our pets took on the role of quintessential family member, soothing counselor, and best friend. Though we no longer receive months off in the summer, our furry friends still stick by our side and great us after work with welcoming smiles and warming love.

To celebrate the love we carry for our dogs, we’ve rounded up the top five ways to enjoy the “dog days of summer” with your furry friends:

  1. ITS GETTING HOT IN HERE: Between the heat of the summer and your pups thick furry coat, keeping cool can be ruff. Gather your kids and grand kids for an afternoon of “pupsicle” making. Simply pick up dog-friendly foods such as bananas, bacon treats, carrots or apples along with a filler such as peanut butter or chicken broth. Once collected place small bits of the foods into a Popsicle tray, pour the filler, and allow time to freeze. Once ready, simply pop the treat out and allow your dog to cool off in the backyard. Get more ideas here.
  2. SUNBATHING: Though many dogs love to prance & play, everyone needs a little r&r every once and awhile. What better way to stretch out than by the lake on your teak chaise? Encourage quality time with your pet by laying out a towel beside you just for them. Too hot? Pick up a patio umbrella to provide shade from the heat of the day.
  3. THE SHED: While some are lucky to have pets that don’t shed, others are stuck with a constant supply of fur. While we know our pets can’t prevent the shed, it can be frustrating to see sprinkles of fur on your luxury outdoor furniture. To prevent excessive shedding, try to brush your pet every other day. For quick clean up, use a lint roller to pick up.
  4. HAVE A BALL: Summertime is full of sweet memories like mixing homemade ice cream, catching fireflies in big mason jars, and picking fresh blueberries from the farm. Let your dog in on the fun by creating activities just for them. Next time your sitting out on the porch, start a game of catch with your retriever. Simple memories like that are sure to never fade, just like our selection of outdoor fabrics never fade in the sun.
  5. SCRUB-A-DUB-DUB: Cuddling up with your furry pals helps the stress of the workday fade away; however, many worry about their pets being on furniture due to fear of damage. Summer Classics furniture is not only durable, but also manageable. Our blog features many posts on how to clean cushionsteak, and more. Our Customer Service team is also available to answer any questions. So, let your pup jump up on your collection without fear of slobber stains.

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