How To Create Your Own Holiday Centerpiece

Fall Tablescape Ideas

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with friends and family around the dinner table. With Thanksgiving being centered around the table, it is important to have a beautiful centerpiece to make the holiday even more special! At Summer Classics Home, we aim to inspire. So, in this post, you’ll be able to watch a quick video tutorial for inspiration on how to decorate your Fall tablescape.

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10 Steps for Creating a Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

Take your celebration to a new level with a festive table arrangement for the occasion. For this Fall tablescape tutorial, we focused on a more organic and natural look, full of greenery, seasonal pumpkins, and dried husks. Designer Roy Dollar shares his secrets for creating an easy and tasteful Thanksgiving table centerpiece in just 10 simple steps.

1. Select the perfect stems

Begin by starting simple and choosing a floral color theme for your arrangement. You can still create a unique arrangement by adding a variety of shapes and textures as you continue to build. For our arrangement, Roy selected a variety of white and green flowers and greenery, including hydrangeas, lilies, and ranunculus.

2. Select your floral vessels

The first step to achieving a good and sturdy foundation for a floral arrangement is the base. Choosing a vase that is not only elegant and tasteful but also has a supportive base is key. For our tutorial, Roy mixed a pair of rustic, tree-bark textured square boxes with a pair of clean, white ceramic vases to compliment each other.

3. Create a sturdy base with foam

To hold the Thanksgiving table centerpiece together, Roy suggests using green floral foam, which you can find at most craft, hardware or floral shops. Begin by cutting the foam down to the size of your vase and soak the foam in water. This will allow for extra hydration once you start adding the flowers and greenery.

4. Add in your tallest blooms first

Now that all of the prepping work is complete, it is time to start building your arrangement! Roy begins his arrangement by adding in the tallest stems first. This will give you something to build around!

5. Place “heavy flowers” at the base of the vase

Once your taller flowers are anchored into the vase, you can start gradually adding in the shorter, heavier looking florals (like our hydrangeas), Line them along the vase until you have established the arrangement shape and foundation. Roy explains that by doing this you are following your natural line of sight and will keep your arrangement looking organic.

6. Add in the unexpected

Now the fun part – it is time to add in the unexpected. “We love layering because it adds interest, depth, and makes an arrangement for visually interesting. And the more that you do, the better it looks,” says Roy. For our piece, Roy added lots of leaves and went with a mix of dried okra pods, berries, and feathers to create a natural and organic look to our Thanksgiving table centerpiece.

7. Continue to fill in the holes

With the taller stems at the top and bulkier florals at the bottom, we now have a beautiful foundation for a Fall floral arrangement. The next step is to fill in any additional greenery or flowers on all sides of the arrangement. Be sure to walk the table to make sure there are no holes!

8. Fill the table by adding in your holiday décor

There are several ways you can go about adding in holiday touches for a Fall tablescape. Roy chose to mix in a variety of smaller pumpkins around the floral arrangement, creating a rustic and organic look. Be sure to add touches of your own Thanksgiving decor to make the table centerpiece special to you!

9. Give light by scattering candles on the table

The layered effect continues with a mix of candles of varying heights set around the table. This is an easy way to create a more formal feel to your typical Thanksgiving table centerpiece.

10. Add your table setting

Dinner is served! Now that the Thanksgiving centerpiece is complete, it is time to add the finish touches on your Fall tablescape with tableware. Dig in, and enjoy!

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