The Mothers Day Gift Guide For Every Type of Mom

We always feel like Mother’s Day sneaks up on us before we even know it. But it’s definitely not a holiday to leave to the last minute when it comes to gift shopping. Your Mom—who knows you best—will be able to tell if you picked up a last-minute present! Instead of giving her that same generic gift, take some time to find something that really represents your appreciation.

At Summer Classics Home, we have put together the ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide for every type of Mom. 

For The Decorator

For the Mom who is always sprucing up her space, Summer Classics Home offers every thing you need! Whether it is a piece of artwork, a coffee table book, a picture frame, a blanket, or a pillow, your Mom will not be disappointed with our selection. 









For the Mom who loves to decorate, our new performance pillow line, Wendy Jane by Gabby, make a great Mother’s Day gift. These pillows are made for both indoor and outdoor use, making it the perfect pillow for any space! Check out some of our favorites below:

Mother's Day Gift Guide

For The Plant Lover 

For the Mom who loves to add some life to her space, you cannot go wrong with a beautiful plant or flower arrangement (even if it is fake!). Here at Summer Classics Home you will find every thing from real succulents, faux tulip bulbs, faux orchids of all sizes, floral prints, and many more! Take a look at a few of our favorites below:


For The Candle Lover

If your Mom loves to be at home, candles are the perfect gift. Any time of year, candles give your home a more welcome aroma, plus, Summer Classics Home makes it easy to find the right candle with our exclusive candle assortment. From small candles, to large candles, to room refreshers and diffusers, you are sure to find your Mom a scent you know she’ll love.


For the Entertainer

For all the Mom’s out there who love to entertain, this section will help you find the perfect gift. Whether it is making the dinner table sparkle with new dishware (made for indoor & outdoor use) or adding the perfect center piece for the dinner table, like our popular blue and white pottery vases, your Mom will thank you forever.

Now, a true entertainer cannot throw a party without cocktails and music. From cocktail recipe books and barware, to our exclusive waterproof, bluetooth SC Speaker, you will not have a problem finding your Mom the perfect entertainment gift.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

For The Bird Lover 

For all the Mom’s out there who has a love for birds, we have the perfect gift for you! Our 2 in 1 bird coffee table book  with select prints from the American Museum of Natural History Library is sure to make your bird-loving Mom smile. 

Mother's Day Gift Guide

We wish all the Mom’s out there a Happy Mother’s Day!

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