Why You’ll Love Our Outdoor Furniture Covers

Summer Classics has you covered, literally! 2018 is the year for innovation at Summer Classics as we are excited to introduced our new waterproof outdoor furniture covers to all Summer Classics Home retail stores.


outdoor furniture covers

High Back Lounge Chair Cover, Mid Back Lounge Chair Cover, Low Back Lounge Chair Cover


Outdoor Furniture Covers by Summer Classics

Summer Classics premium outdoor furniture covers are designed with durability and style in mind, protecting your furniture against weather damage, sun and dirt. What makes these covers so protective?

  1. Waterproof Backed Fabric: helps keep rain out and your furniture protected
  2. Premium Heathered Fabric: Summer Classics premium solution dyed heathered fabric is both stylish and engineered to resist fading over time.
  3. Click-Close Straps: Click-close straps snap over furniture legs to secure cover on windy days
  4. Hooded Air Vents: Air vents keep weather out while providing maximum ventilation and minimum condensation
  5. Padded Handles: Padded handles provide comfort when installing and removing your covers
  6. Adjustable Cord Lock Closures: Double cord lock closures within specially designed hem tunnel allows easy adjustment resulting in a custom-like fit


Covers are available in 7 different sizes, all made to fit Summer Classics frames. Covers range in sizes from 3 lounge chair sizes, 2 sofa sizes, and round and rectangular dining sets.

Outdoor Lounge Chair Covers

Low-Back Lounge Cover will fit these frames:

Acero Lounge, Bali Lounge, Club Teak Lounge, Club Woven Lounge, Club Woven Swivel Glider, London Lounge, London Spring Lounge, Newport Lounge, Newport Recliner*, Malta Lounge, Pacific Lounge, Pacific Spring Lounge, Roma Lounge, Roma Spring Lounge, Rustic Lounge, Rustic Swivel Lounge, Sierra Lounge, & Venti Lounge

Mid-Back Lounge Cover will fit these frames:

Aire Lounge, Aire Swivel Rocking Lounge, Astoria Lounge, Astoria Swivel Glider, Astoria Recliner, Athena Lounge, Athena Spring Lounge, Avondale Lounge, Avondale Spring Lounge, Avondale Teak Lounge, Baldwin Lounge, Baldwin Swivel Lounge
Belize Lounge, Belize Swivel Rocking Lounge, Bentley Lounge, Bentley Swivel Rocking Lounge, Classic Lounge Chair, Classic Swivel Glider, Classic Recliner, Club Adirondack
Coast Lounge, Coast Easy Chair, Delray Lounge, Delray Woven Lounge, Halo Lounge
Provance Lounge Chair, Provance Spring Lounge, Regent Lounge, Regent Swivel Glider
Sedona Lounge, Sedona Large Swivel Glider, Skye Lounge, Skye Swivel Rocking Lounge, Somerset Lounge, Somerset Spring Lounge, & Wind Lounge

High Back Lounge Cover will fit these frames:

Barcelona Lounge, Carlton Lounge, Carlton Spring Lounge, Charleston Lounge, Charleston Spring Lounge, Charleston Swivel Rocking Lounge, Croquet Lounge Chair
Croquet Spring Lounge, Croquet Teak Lounge, Croquet Teak Recliner, Haley Lounge
Helena Lounge, Helena Swivel Glider, Lattice Lounge, Lattice Spring Lounge, Majorca Lounge, Majorca Swivel Rocking, Peninsula Lounge, Peninsula Speaker Spring Lounge
Peninsula Swivel Glider, Ocean Lounge, & Ocean Recliner

Outdoor Sofa Covers

outdoor furniture covers

Large Sofa Cover and Medium Sofa Cover

Large Sofa Covers will fit these frames:

Astoria Sofa, Bali Sofa, Barcelona Sofa, Bentley Sofa, Carlton Lounge, Charleston Sofa
Club Woven Sofa, Croquet Sofa, Croquet Teak Sofa, Haley Sofa, Helena Sofa, Lattice Sofa, London Sofa, Majorca Sofa, Malta Sofa, Newport Sofa, Ocean Sofa, Peninsula Sofa, Rustic Sofa, Sedona Sofa, Sierra Sofa, Somerset Sofa, & Venti Sofa

Medium Sofa Covers will fit these frames:

Acero Sofa, Athena Sofa, Avondale Sofa, Avondale Teak Sofa, Belize Sofa, Bentley Loveseat, Charleston Loveseat, Classic Sofa, Ocean Loveseat, Pacific Sofa, Provance Loveseat, Provance Sofa, Regent Sofa, Roma Sofa, Sedona Loveseat, Skye Loveseat
Skye Sofa, & Somerset Loveseat

Outdoor Dining Covers

outdoor furniture covers

Rectangular Dining Table Set and Round Dining Table Set (both with umbrella hole)

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