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Sustainably Harvested Teak


Richly-colored Wrought Aluminum


Handwoven N-Dura Resin Wicker in 2 finishes

Luxury Delivered for the Summer 

Summer Classics passionately creates outdoor furniture with the belief that timeless designs can, and will be, embraced for years.


Hand-carved Indonesian Teak in 2 Finishes


Built-in Water Resistant Cushions in 2 Finishes


Create Your Own Poolside Oasis

Cast Stone Table Collection


Organic, aesthetic & durable

An unique stone-like appearance crafted to withstand the elements.

European Elegance



The Adirondack Chair

An iconic piece of American outdoor furniture

Explore our diverse selection of Adirondacks designed for timeless appeal, durability, and comfort.

Adirondack ChairsAdirondack Chairs


Richly-Textured, Bold Wicker Weave


Ultra Plush & Notably Luxurious 


Modernized Classic in Aluminum

N-Dura Dining & Seating

Discover Our Patented N-Dura Difference 

N-Dura™ Wood dining and seating sets embody the perfect blend of durability, style, and sustainability, making them an exceptional choice for discerning customers and harsh envirnoments.

The innovative N-Dura™ Wood technology ensures that each chair and table is resistant to scratches, stains, and the wear and tear of daily use, its beauty and functionality for many meals to come.

The Astoria Collection

Hand-woven wicker with our patented N-Dura resin

UV lab tested for up to 5 years to maintain the vibrant color, structural strength, and resist cracking. Enjoy.

Adirondack ChairsAdirondack Chairs

The Summer Classics Difference

NT-1 Pre-Wash

Each of our metal frames are pre-finished with a nano ceramic pre-wash to increase paint adhesion.

Cast Aluminum

Superior grade molten aluminum alloy is hand-poured into a detailed woodcarving mold.

Wrought Aluminum

Features heavy, .65mm wall thickness tubing, strengthened at stress points with wall supports.

Stainless Steel

At Summer Classics, we use a 304 grade stainless steel that has a high chromium and nickel content.

N-dura™ Ultra UV Resistant Resin Wicker

The most realistic and extensive UV resistant protocol in the industry.

Harvested Teak

The finest teak in the world was sought out to design our wooden furniture pieces.

Superstone Tables

Superstone is a 5 layer composite with layers of cement fiberboard surrounding the aluminum honeycomb core.


Slim, Elegant Silhouette in Wrought Aluminum with 2 Finishes

Need Inspiration?

Meet A Design Consultant

Whether just a dream or ready to bring your home design project to life, our talented and collaborative Design Consultants are here to help.

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Affirm offers solutions to help finance your Summer Classics favorites over time.